Baidu, First Chinese Firm to Join AI Ethics Group

Widely considered as one of China’s biggest tech companies, Baidu have once again prove its might in the tech industry. It was recently confirmed that Baidu became the first Chinese company to be a part of an Artificial Intelligence ethics collective that is based in the United States.

iPhone XS Series Successors Will Make Apple Owners Frown

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have propelled the stock of Apple a bit seeing as there will be a lot of picky mobile phone owners aiming to get hold of the latest flagships. But like in the past, most fast-forward to the future and wonder what changes lie in the next batch expected to come out in 2019.

Jennifer Aniston Not Heartbroken Over Brad Pitt's Two-Timing, Despite Report

Jennifer Aniston is not heartbroken over Brad Pitt's two-timing as he dumped her to be with spiritual healer Sat Hari Khalsa, despite the claim of a tabloid. Aniston and Pitt never back together following her split with Justin Theroux, and the actor isn't dating Khalsa. This story has been corrected and set straight for the record.

Wolves Owner: Jimmy Butler Will Play '100 Percent' For Minnesota Until Team Finds Trade

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Jimmy Butler reassured team owner Glen Taylor he would continue being "a regular player" until management finds a suitable trade for him. Taylor made the disclosure in a wide-ranging interview at a local paper after confirming he spoke with Butler to thresh out his grievance with the Timberwolves. The owner said both him and Butler reached an agreement.