China Files Complaints Over Imposed US Solar Tariffs

China is bearing more heat in its latest trade dispute with the US as Washington makes a move to impose tariffs on the Asian country’s growing solar power industry. Beijing has lodged a formal complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) indicating the illegality of Washington’s decision to subsidise its own renewable energy firms as well as adding more duties on imported products which severely affected China’s interests and distorted the global market.

CBO Projected U.S. Economy Will Rise

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected on Monday that the U.S. economy will rise in 2018 but will decline in 2019. The decline in economic growth is projected to be slower than the 3 percent targeted fiscal stimulus fade of the Trump administration.

Turkey Retaliates With Steep Tariffs On Select US Imports; White House Reacts

Turkey announced on Wednesday its plans to raise tariffs on a number of imported products coming from the United States, including cars, tobacco, and alcohol. This retaliatory move by Ankara is an answer to the earlier announcement from US President Donald Trump, indicating the increase of levies on Turkish metals. Meanwhile, the country’s decision doesn’t bode well with the White House.

Google Pixel 3XL Major Leak Reveals Super-Sized Display

The Google Pixel 3XL has yet to come out, meaning most of the features it may potentially carry remain scarce. There are rumors coming out from various channels although the best of it all may have been revealed by a Ukranian blogger.

Miami or Retirement Likely for Dwyane Wade

The basketball future of Dwyane Wade remains afloat with the 36-year-old NBA veteran yet to officially sign a new lease with the Miami Heat. Based on interviews, it seems that “The Flash” sees himself playing only for the Heat, at least for the coming year.