Apple Rolls Out New Emoji Icons In Light Of World Emoji Day

Life-size emojis on display during an iPhone launch
(Photo: chrisjtse)

In celebration of World Emoji Day on July 17, Apple released the latest slate of emojis that are coming for iPhones, iPads, and Macs, along with a free iOS update.

As revealed over at the company's blogsite, there are more than 70 new characters included in the update that will surely spice up the user's experience.

Some of the most exciting additions include human emojis with different hairstyles like redheads and graying hair. The bald people are getting some love too with the bald person emoji. These new hair updates (or the lack thereof) also come in a variety of skin tones.

The emoji library for facial expressions is getting some updates as well. There is now a freezing face, a face with hearts, a pleading face and a party-goer face with a hat.

Surely, this lot will further give life to how users send their iMessages. But wait there's more!

According to the Apple Watch maker, they are also adding animal emojis like lobster, parrot, a kangaroo, and a flaunting peacock.

Food lovers may also be able to express more of their passion with this food emojis such as cupcakes, mangos, moon cakes, and lettuce.

A plethora of miscellaneous emojis is also available in the update. Among the new ones is an amulet, which is supposedly used to ward off the evil eye and an infinity symbol.

Following the superhero trend, Apple is also adding caped figures into the selection. As of now, there's only a generic-looking male and female superhero.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is yet to announce the exact release date for these emojis. They only specify that it will be arriving as part of the iOS 12 update, which is expected to arrive this fall.

World Emoji Day is an unofficial world holiday observed every July 17 to celebrate everything that has something to do with emojis.

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