Microsoft Teases All-New Xbox Bundles and Accessories at Gamescom

Microsoft is bringing all-new 'bells and whistles' to Gamescom Germany next month, according to a teasing Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, as per Engadget.

The snippet should excite Xbox fans, who are promised "all-new Xbox hardware and accessories." However, Hryb quickly refuted his earlier tweet. In a follow-up to the tweet teasing an all-new Xbox with better hardware, Larry Hryb quickly corrected his tweet and said that his earlier tweet was supposed to say "new bundles and accessory"-perhaps, just in time for November, when the holiday shopping season kicks in.

It would have been nice to play an Xbox with stronger hardware, but at least, the most people can hope for are new controllers and a redesign of the Xbox One. The Elite controller, for instance, was teased via leaked images. It reportedly had new hair-trigger locks as well as improved thumbstick tensions, a USB-C connector that's magnetic, and redesigned, better grips.

All that and more will be revealed at the Gamescom in Germany.

The Microsoft booth at Gamescome is the live stream to watch, according to Polygon. An episode of Microsoft's "Inside Xbox" will show the booth, the details, and Microsoft's general appearance and revelations during the gaming event.

While there won't be new hardware to look out for, viewers can look out for notable announcements like new-looking Xbox consoles. It teased these next-gen consoles during their appearance at the E3 this 2018. Speculations point toward the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, or variations and bundles featuring the already-existing consoles.

Another likely possibility will be the Xbox One S will get a slightly cheaper variant or the One X gets a storage of 1TB. Still, nothing is finalized or confirmed until Microsoft's show, happening during the Gamescom on August 21.

WinRumors' Tom Warren also took to Twitter, blasting Microsoft for its social media debacle or, at least, a preview of it. It's nothing new according to Warren's tweet; last month, Microsoft also stealth edited their post during the ICE, but it appears that they're either too excited for their own good, or the information is mixed up somewhere along the way.

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