Samsung’s Latest Wearable To Be Called ‘Galaxy Watch’ – FCC Filing Suggests

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Samsung is set to unveil their latest offering in the wearable department next month, but no one still knows what the smartwatch is called. However, reports citing new FCC listing suggest the name "Samsung Galaxy Watch."

According to Tech Radar, the Korean tech company has submitted a patent file to the US Federal Communications Commission for its newest wearable device, formerly being referred to by the public as Samsung Gear S4.

However, new diagrams detailing the design of the upcoming gizmo saw the name Galaxy Watch emblazoned on it.

The public was quick to pick up on the hint, presuming that this could be the highly-anticipated Samsung smartwatch.

Prior to the alleged Galaxy Watch, Samsung released the Gear Sport at the end of 2017 with specs following closely to that of its predecessor, the Gear S3.

Tech analysts are now hankering on the details about the Galaxy Watch's features. Needless to say, nothing concrete has come out yet. However, there were rumors saying that the tech company might be focusing on the aspect of health with the new device. This means users could expect a plethora of applications pertaining to fitness, diet, and sleep.

Design-wise, there were reports saying that the companion device will bear a 1.2-inch display, similar to the Gear Sport. Furthermore, the Galaxy Watch case could have a dimension of 51.2 mm by 43.4 mm.

While previous iterations of Samsung smartwatches are only available in two colors (black and silver), the Galaxy Watch could arrive in silver, gold, and black variations.

On the inside, it is heard that Samsung will ditch its home-grown Tizen operating system with Google's Wear OS. However, other accounts are refuting the claims.

The latter could be the case, given Google's recent spat with the European Union over its antitrust case. In a previous report, it is said that the tech firm received a record $5 billion fine for its anti-competitive business practices.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch will likely to retain Samsung's smart assistant, Bixby, if the company opts to integrate the device with the latest update of Tizen OS, the Tizen 4.0.

Finally, it was leaked over at 9to5 Google that the new wrist device will have an upgraded battery. From 380mAh found in the Gear S3, Galaxy Watch could be hitting the shelves with 470mAh battery.

Concerning its outing date, there's nothing certain except that it could be announced alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, on August 9. 

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