Xiaomi Mi 8 Price, Specifications & Everything You Need to Know

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (Photo: Tinh tế Photo | Flickr)

Xiaomi already established its name in the market as it continuously releases products that are beyond expectations. Each flagship device released by the brand gained positive feedback and a huge amount of support to the users. With that, the company is all set to release a new product that will definitely shock everyone, including its direct competitors. The device is named Xiaomi Mi 8, which will come in different and outstanding specifications. 

Xiaomi Mi 8: What to Know

This device is all set to bring awe to its audience because of its 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. This is far better than its original version, which features 6GB of RAM only. The new product will also have a purchase price of CNY 3,299, a 400 CNY difference to the original one. Considering the features and the benefits that it could give, the new Xiaomi Mi 8 is definitely worth the price.

Plus, the Mi 8 is definitely worth the try as it resembles the features than an Apple product could give. It is actually the first-ever smartphone that could support dual-frequency GPS as it uses a more effective L5 band - a band three times higher than the usual. The device also has a great rear camera setup, which includes two 12-megapixel sensors with 1.4-micron pixels. It also has a front camera with a 20-megapixel sensor - a feature perfect for capturing important events and memories.

Xiaomi Mi 8: Still One of the Cheapest Flagships Right Now

It also supports essential programs, like Bluetooth and GPS. Not just that, it also has a fingerprint sensor, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope, compass, accelerometer and proximity sensor. It is lightweight and it could be charged easily. And despite all its outstanding features, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is still tagged as one of the cheapest smartphones present in the market today. No wonder why the company continues to receive amazing support from its target audience. 

Other than the Mi 8, Xiaomi also released its new Mi Pad 4 Plus, a 10-inch tablet that holds an outstanding Snapdragon 660 processor. With its purchase price of $305, users could enjoy LTE features and 128GB storage capacity. As of this moment, the device is available in China only. There are still no clear signs if the Mi Pad 4 Plus would be available in other places.

With the release of Mi 8 and Mi Pad 4 Plus, everyone is excited as to what Xiaomi would be able to give in the near future.

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