Nvidia RTX 2080 Benchmarking Scores Released: Performance Outshines GTX 1080 Ti

La Generación 20 GeForce Nvidia
La Generación 20 GeForce Nvidia
(Photo: Wikimedia/Sebastián)

Nvidia has always been extra advanced with its Graphics cards. A new leak suggests that Nvidia's next-gen graphics stunner, known as RTX 2080, will bear a 35 percent faster speed than Nvidia's existing GTX 1080 Ti card. The former is reported to release on September 20, 2018, but ahead of its official unveiling, the majority of the performance related features have been traced. 

According to TechRadar, Nvidia RTX 2080  has outperformed the company's existing GTX 1080 Ti graphics unit, in the 3DMark Time Spy benchmarking. The benchmark score was revealed by the well-known overclocker: Tum Apisak. The overclocking firm released a screenshot of the same on its official Twitter handle, according to which Nvidia RTX 2080 outshines GTX 1080 Ti by 500 points. 

The screenshot shows that Nvidia RTX 2080 scores 10,030 points leaving behind its closest predecessors GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and the original GTX 1080 card, having an overall score of 9,508 points and 7,325 points respectively. In the first instance of the benchmark, RTX 2080 is able to maintain an average frame rate of 64.53 frames per second (FPS), whereas  GTX 1080 Ti registers 61.14 frames per second and GTX 1080 holds 47.19 frames per second.

In the second test, Nvidia RTX 2080 wins the race with 58.17 FPS score, against the GTX 1080 Ti card which manages to hold a score of 55.17 FPS and the GTX 1080, which achieves 42.44 FPS. However, there was nothing mentioned about the advanced allies of RTX 2080: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, in the benchmarking. Digital Trends quoted that RTX 2080 Ti is also set to officially launch in September only. 

According to Nvidia's official statements at Gamescom, RTX 2080 will come with 2,944 CUDA cores having a base speed of 1,515MHz and a maximum speed of 1,710MHz. It will hold up an 8GB GDDR6 dedicated video memory with a maximum bandwidth of 448GB/s through a 256-bit interface. 

During the Gamescom event, Nvidia demonstrated RTX 2080 card as a GPU unit having the maximum speed up to 1,800 MHz but the latest the 3DMark Time Spy benchmarking reflected the same a "generic VGA" card, holding the maximum speed up to 2,000 MHz, which is a bit higher than the earlier projection.

However, Nvidia's demonstration in Gamescom was based on the Founders Edition version of RTX 2080 card, so, possibly the card that appears in the benchmark, might be a higher a variant of the same. However, Nvidia has not revealed any official word about this leak. Potential sources suggest that the basic model Nvidia RTX 2080 will be price tagged at $700. 

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