Can 'Call of Duty: Blackout' Be the Next King of Battle Royale?

Call of Duty: Blackout
(Photo: steamXO/Flickr)

The Battle Royale genre of games has been dominated largely by famous titles "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" or simply PUBG. Now, a new title is coming and is designed to take on both titles to become the best of battle royale.

Fans of the shooting game genre know the "Call of Duty" series. It has been successful in both single-player and multiplayer modes, but one thing that's been missing is what the aforementioned games are good at battle royale. Thankfully, Activision will soon release "Call of Duty: Blackout," the game's take on the increasingly growing genre.

Blackout, currently on beta, has been receiving praises after praises. Analyst Mike Hickey says it has exceeded expectations and has elicited such a sensational response from streamers, CNBC reported. He added that people seem to believe that it will be a Fortnite and PUBG killer, one that can take their places and become a hit.

True enough, Activision's market shares increased after launching Blackout's PlayStation 4 beta. This is because of the positive responses the game received.

Blackout also appears to be Fortnite's "first real challenger," Forbes reported. Though the game does have some similarities to both Fortnite and PUBG, it does have an edge: It's part of a game franchise that has many years of experience and funding.

Attack of the Fanboy describes Blackout as the perfect blend of Fortnite and PUBG, with the Call of Duty punch added to it. It sits precisely in the middle of the other two titles, combining their strengths in addition to what the Call of Duty franchise already gives.

It features both the accessibility and quality that Fortnite boasts of and the realism that PUBG possesses. Treyarch combines these with the tight gameplay the Call of Duty games are known for, in order to produce a battle royale game that just might exceed others before and beside it.

In addition to these, Blackout brings the perks that Call of Duty multiplayer has, and inserts them in the game as loot for all players to search for and make use of.

Blackout might be a potentially good and excellent title, but it may not be for everyone. Though they have some similarities, Blackout is still different from Fortnite and PUBG. It may cost more at $60 (as part of "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4"), but it may well worth be the money.

Nevertheless, it's a promising title that just might deliver more than what it promises.

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