Bethesda May Have Just Teased Coming Of ‘Elder Scrolls 6’

“Elder Scrolls 6” is not expected anytime soon with Bethesda busy focusing their attention on a couple of game titles in “Fallout 76” and “Starfield.” Although most are under the impression that the game is under development, there are no supporting facts to back up that claim and provide a better overview on what the game would have to offer.

For those eager to know the latest on “Elder Scrolls 6,” a recently filed trademark could hint at something. Game Rant said that ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Game Studios recently filed a trademark for something called “Redfall” last Sept. 10.

Folks have taken notice of this development and have now drawn up their own conclusions. The first thing that comes to mind is that this could be the game’s subtitle although it has never been associated with the game in past installments.

Hence, the trademark has rocked the gaming world, particularly the ones eager to see the next installment of “Elder Scrolls.” It could be a new location for the game although this goes against the revelation made at E3 2018 where the next game would reportedly be set in the western province of High Rock, Game Rant said in another article.

Aside from “Redfall” possibly being a location, it could refer to a character moniker, an event or perhaps nothing at all. While the trademark is something, bear in mind that there is no clarity on whether it is related to the “Elder Scrolls” series. With the next installment forecasted to be years away, a better picture of what to expect for the open world fantasy video game may take some time.

A point of contention that some are expected to raise would be the case of “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” “Skyrim” was also trademarked at the time so now impatient gamers are expecting the same, News Week said.

If not an event, person or place, it could refer to a race of highly-skilled warriors from Hammerfell known as Redguards. There is also a place in Tamriel called Redfall and now most are trying to dig up clues on whether there is a potential link between them.

The worst case scenario would be “Redfall” being an entirely new game in the making. Should that be the case, “Elder Scrolls” enthusiasts are bound to be disappointed as the agonizing wait continues. All these are rumors meaning most should take them as a grain of salt at least for now.

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