Chinese Tech Firm Open’s First Robotic Parking Lot in Israel

Parking lot of Wuyishan North Railway Station
Parking lot of Wuyishan North Railway Station (Photo: User:N509FZ / Wikimedia Commons)

The Israeli branch of the Chinese tech firm Tangshan Parking Equipment Company recently announced that it is opening its first ever robotic parking lot in the country. It is the first of its kind to be built in Israel and was inaugurated on Sunday. The robotic parking lot was built in cooperation with the Kfar Saba municipality in Israel, wherein the robotic parking lot is also located.

The robotic parking facility was built as a part of a marketing display, which is why it only has 12 parking spaces. Nevertheless, both the Tangshan Parking Equipment Company and the local government of Kfar Saba assured the public that the project will be later on expanded in order to cater to a much larger customer base. Both stakeholders have yet to give an exact timeline as to when the expansion project will commence.

Customers can take advantage of this high tech facility and can order services based on their particular needs. According to the Tangshan Parking Equipment Company, the facility can park hundreds of cars at a time.

Based on some market data, putting up a conventional parking lot that has 500 parking spaces distributed over a five or six-floor building will cost about $18 million. Tangshan Parking Equipment Company boasted that they were able to put together the robotic parking lot in Israel for a fraction of the amount. Based on data released by the company, the Kfar Saba robotic parking facility only costs about $6.9 million to construct.

Tangshan Parking Equipment Company is not only a pioneer in terms of robotic parking facilities, but the company is also well-known throughout China as one of the best provider of parking facility solutions. The company has built more than 750,000 parking spaces in the country.

The company's reputation is also well-established around the globe. With completed projects spanning several continents, the company has been a consistent choice for many parking solutions in countries like Russia, Australia, Colombia, and Japan.

The Tangshan Parking Equipment Company is a subsidiary of the China National Building Materials Group, a publicly traded company well known for its interests in lightweight building materials and cement.

The Tangshan Parking Equipment Company was established in 1996, and since then have been known as a top-tier provider of car parking solutions around the globe. The company packs more than 20 years of experience in the field of parking facility construction and owns 200 advanced patents for said industry.

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