3 Places You Should Visit in China This November

Masterpieces that are a Must to Visit in China This November
Masterpieces that are a Must to Visit in China This November (Photo: CGTN/ Twitter)

The world was created beautifully. There are a lot of lovely places to visit all around the globe. But what Chinese travelers usually don't realize is there's no need for them to travel for hours or spend a lot of money to pay for fares and other travel expenses just to taste the best of what the world has prepared for them.

China's atmosphere during November is world's one of a kind. Anyone who will decide to explore every corner of it will surely won't regret. Perfect for photography, hiking, trekking, and camping, there is no doubt you will experience the best days of your life here.


Considered as the best month to visit Beijing next to May and June, everything about the place during this season is just so amazing, as posted by My Beijing China. Since its autumn, the picturesque view of China's nature and ancient architecture are assured to look more charming as the red leaves, and golden ginkgoes cover it. Exploring the place during this time won't just give you an amazing view and great shots for your collection, but can also give you that relaxing and peaceful mind.


If you want to witness one of the most beautiful paintings created, then you definitely wouldn't want to miss The Yellow Mountain. Located in Eastern China's Anhui Province, the combination of the red maples and the yellow fruits under the white and blue sky will surely leave you in awe of this creation. According to China Highlights, this mountain is best to hike during this month since the temperature is just enough to give you a warm and exciting journey.


If the autumn vibe doesn't suit you, then maybe what you want to visit is China's Zhangjiajie. This foggy mountain of cliffs and trees will surely leave you relaxed and at peace with its cold and wet weather. During November, this mountain turns into a love haven where it transforms into a much more romantic place perfect for you and your loved one. This mountain is located in South China's Human Province just a few kilometers away from Fenghuang Ancient Town.

China is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its culture, people, environment, season and architecture show how rich this place is. Every Chinese is so blessed to have such wonderful creation at their very own doorstep. 

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