Tom Cruise Reportedly 'Falling Apart', Having 'Midlife Meltdown'

Tom Cruise
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A new report claims Tom Cruise is "falling apart" and at the same time having a "midlife meltdown." The claim, however, has been debunked and confirmed to be simply fabricated.

Woman's Day Australia claimed Cruise is now a broken man because he was single for years and no longer close to his 12-year-old daughter, Suri. An alleged source of the outlet asserted that although the actor is still considered to be a big deal in the industry and made a successful comeback with his last movie "Mission: Impossible," his reputation isn't like that as his personal life is "virtually in tatters."

The untraceable insider further contends Cruise is now questioning his devotion to Scientology and if he wanted to see his daughter Suri, he need to leave his religion first. The tipster added it would be a big decision for the actor, but because he is getting older, he realized that family is more important than anything else and he missed that kind of stability in his life.

The unknown source continues saying Cruise is finding the meaning of life, but he's having a hard time due to his connection to Scientology. Then, the tabloid's insider concluded, "This has all been bubbling under the surface, but now it's getting closer and closer to reaching a boiling point!"

According to Gossip Cop, the claim of the outlet is inaccurate and fabricated. Even though there are so many mysteries in Cruise's involvement in Scientology and his relationship with Suri, the actor isn't falling apart nor having a midlife meltdown. He's busy in filming "Top Gun 2", and he is very much passionate in his movie career. The actor was also seen last week with a big smile on his face while riding a motorcycle during the shooting of the upcoming film.

Also, it's not also true that Cruise is considering leaving Scientology. It can be recalled that he moved near its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida back in June. People magazine reported the actor renovated his two-story apartment in there, and he's very happy in his new surroundings. Cruise has been very committed and involved in Scientology since the late '80s, where he often credits the church for helping him achieve his success in life.

Hence, as per Gossip Cop, the tabloid has no insight regarding the personal life of the actor. The same outlet was also busted in July for claiming Cruise developed a romantic relationship with "Extra" host Renee Bargh - but that was confirmed to be false. So the claim that he's now falling apart and having a midlife meltdown isn't true either.

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