iOS 12.1 Jailbreak for iPhone XS Revealed But Unlikely For Release

iOS 12.1 is out and many are awed by the features the new Apple mobile operating system has to offer. However, similar to most new iOS versions that have come out before it, some are still eager to see if anyone can come up with a crack.

In a previous post, it was revealed that there was a crack show off but for iOS 12.0.1. Credit goes again to Lucas Todesco, the same person who has been showing off on social media and on video that he is able to break the Apple mobile operating system. Ingenious as it may seem, the sad part is that this is something that nobody may be able to check for themselves since there are no indications of the iOS jailbreak going public.

Do take note that the iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak was revealed not long after the release of iOS 12.1. For those who have probably heard or tried it in the past, the only way to try it is if one still has a device running on the previous version and if it is actually available for download. Some may try to download it though it comes with risk – including placing your mobile device in a compromising position.

Barely over a week since it was released, it seems a jailbreak for the iOS 12.1 has been done. This revelation was posted by Liang Chen of Keen Lab on Twitter, showing off an iPhone XS Max running on an iOS 12.1 jailbreak, Wccftech said.

With the time span, one can just marvel at how fast this crack was made. But while that gives off an impression that there is a chance iOS 12.1 or iPhone XS Max users may have a jailbreak coming, such is not the case. For one, Keen Lab has not been known to releasing its jailbreak breakthrough to the public.

Instead, they could end up auctioning it to folks who want to get their hands on the exploit. That includes Apple who has approached this mischief in a different light. Rather than trace or punish hackers, they turned things around by rewarding the ingenious minds who have managed to crack their code.

Finally, with the iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12.1 jailbreaks exposed, it somehow entices hackers to continue their attempt to come up with a crack that some are still looking for. Though the number of people who are likely to try it has dwindled in numbers, those figures could shoot up once more if an actual iOS jailbreak does come out in the open and made public.

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