• Models

    D&G Boycott Still On as Model Speaks Up

    Zuo Ye has spoken up about the controversial Dolce and Gabbana advertisement that sparked outraged among Chinese consumers. The founders have also apologized for the ad and dismissed claims that the campaign was meant to insult China.
  • WeChat

    Inside China’s New ‘Social Credit’ App

    Debates are brewing as a northern China province recently unveiled a new app that should help authorities track debtors who don't want to pay their debts even if they are capable of doing so. The app can be accessed through popular messaging platform WeChat.
  • Phonecall

    First 5G Call Completed by Chinese Tech Giant

    ZTE and China Unicom have completed the first 5G call in telecommunications history and while some countries are still cautious about collaborating with the company, some experts believe that the breakthrough will have a positive impact on the industry in the future.
  • President Xi Jinping

    China’s Tech Plans may be the Center of Trade Talks

    Two groups have encouraged the U.S. to pay attention to China's technological plans as the two countries head to the next round of trade talks in the coming weeks. "Made in China 2025" is already in the works and experts believe the U.S. should catch up.
  • AI

    Japanese Bank Collaborates with Chinese State-Run Company

    A partnership deal between Zhongguancun Development Group and Mizuho Bank will be signed on Friday. The partnership is expected to encourage artificial intelligence startups, among others. The project follows after China opened its first AI theme park late 2018.
  • Chinese holidays

    Houston to Host Chinese Spring Festival Gala

    Houston is hosting a Chinese Spring Festival gala, despite China and the U.S. engaging in trade disputes. The gala will feature Chinese culture and tradition.
  • Mother and son

    China’s Fallen Birth Rate may Affect Labor Supply

    China has seen its lowest birth rate figures in years and labor supply concerns have started emerging. Aging and low births in certain "fertile" cities have been mentioned as the main factors that affected the decline. The government has yet to issue a counterattack to the potential risks this problem poses to the labor sect.
  • Beijing Railway

    Inside the Grandiose China Railway Project

    China has a grand plan to battle a slowing economy: the China Railway. With proposed lines in the Xiaong'an New Area-Henan regions and a couple more, the country may have found the solution to ease its people from financial crisis.
  • Crude Oil

    Oil Investors Support Stock Market Despite Price Fall

    Investors have placed their money on the crude oil industry despite fluctuating prices on Monday. It is believed that the slowing global economy is affecting oil prices around the world. Will investors keep supporting the industry?
  • US shutdown

    U.S. Shutdown Damage Could Reach $6 Billion

    The U.S. government has not reopened yet and the shutdown is costing the economy. Both federal and private sectors have already been impacted. Will the deadlock press on?
  • Wine

    China’s Wine Industry may Grow Further within Years

    China's wine industry continues to grow, and while this is a reason to celebrate locally, this development may pose a threat to Western wine producers who have known glory from the beginning. Furthermore, China's GreatWall Winery is launching a new project that could push the country to greater heights in the business of selling wine.
  • Makeup

    Inside China’s ‘Shareable Makeup Rooms’

    China's makeup sharing rooms is a huge topic of debate among customers and business analysts alike. Amid some issues pointed out by clients, the cubicles are gaining popularity due to affordable fees for the use of high-end cosmetics.
  • 70th Republic Day preparations

    Xiaomi Prices Slashed for 70th India Republic Day

    To celebrate Xiaomi's success in India over the past years, Amazon and Flipkart have placed discounts on a number of popular smartphones from the Beijing-based company. The Note 5 Pro is also expected to get a big price cut in India even after the Republic Day sale.
  • Singapore estates

    Singapore-Malaysia Communications Improve

    Singaporean and Malaysian officials continue to push bilateral talks to resolve disputes that are starting to affect citizens from both countries. Singapore's Defense Minister believes the negotiations will end on a positive note.
  • Angela Merkel

    Opposition Fired against France-Germany Treaty

    France and Germany will sign a new deal on Tuesday but opposing sides are already airing their sentiments. An Italian leader has encouraged Italy to join forces with Poland as a counterattack against the Franco-German powers. Will this second joint axis take flight?
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