• Chinese cuisine

    Hilton Opens Full-Service Hotel in Guangzhou

    Hilton Guangzhou Science City is now open and it boasts of some seriously spacious function halls for guests. The hotel also has 430 guest rooms and 49 suites. The hotel is a product of the flagship brand Hilton Hotels and Resorts.
  • Brexit

    No-Deal Brexit: Traveling Details for U.K. Citizens

    The U.K. is set to walk out of the European Union on March 29 but without a deal, travelers are expected to be greatly affected. Aside from becoming a third country national, U.K. citizens will need to pay a fee come 2021.
  • wheelchair

    Commissioners Kickoff First Aged Care Inquiry Hearing

    The Royal Commission has started hearing the case of aged quality care and safety and Australia as submissions pour in. The commission is urging witnesses to share their experiences so as to help the Australian government come up with potential ways to prevent abuse and neglect in the future.
  • Haruhiko Kuroda

    Japan’s Population Decline may Affect Economic Growth

    The Bank of Japan is worried that the country's declining population may lead to potential risks in the economy. A revamp of the country's economic policies has been recommended by the organization. Lawmakers have also proposed a new legislation that could affect family members of foreigners working in the country.
  • Apple Inc

    REPORT: Apple to Reduce Hiring, Give iPhone Discounts in China

    Apple is up for a huge year. A new report suggests that the Cupertino-based tech giant may reduce hiring employees and at the same time drop huge discounts on iPhones in China. Furthermore, it is predicted that the company will launch a new streaming service.
  • Soyuz spacecraft

    How Ban is Affecting NASA’s Space Probes

    NASA reportedly wanted to make use of China's relay satellite for its future space probes, Wu Weiren revealed. However, a U.S. Congress ban keeps the U.S. from cooperating with Chinese scientists. How has the ban affected NASA's studies so far?
  • Tencent

    Tencent Drops ‘Game of Thrones’ Beta

    A "Game of Thrones" test version has just been released to the Chinese gaming realm. Developed by Yoozoo and distributed by Tencent, the full version is expected to be out sometime April. The company continues to grow its investments on other industries, including culture and entertainment.
  • Xie Haojie

    Philippines Hands Over Xie Haojie to China

    China-Philippines relations have gone one notch higher - and for good reasons - as the Philippine government surrendered a fugitive to the Chinese authorities on Wednesday. Furthermore, the two countries continue to refine English education ties.
  • Shenzhen

    Asian Cities Dominate Global Urban Growth Index

    Chinese cities, along with other Asia-Pacific towns, have made it to the top 20 list of locations displaying great potential in economic and real estate growth. The report was unveiled as spectators watch China's "Belt and Road Initiative" take form within the next few years.
  • Luckin Coffee

    Chinese Coffee Startup’s Strategy to Beat Starbucks

    Luckin Coffee is putting more pressure on Starbucks with its latest reveal. The Chinese chain is reportedly planning to make the American coffee giant step down from its post as China's largest coffee chain. So far, the Beijing-based provider is doing well as it recently added lunch offers on its product list.
  • PM Theresa May

    Theresa May is Saved but She Has to Compromise

    Wednesday night offered salvation for Prime Minister Theresa May won the no confidence vote tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday. After all the ruckus from this week's Brexit deal loss, experts believe May should be willing to compromise. Will she?
  • Soyuz spacecraft

    China’s Moon Mission Sprouts First Cotton Seeds

    China's Chang'e-4 has made history all over again as it sprouted the first cotton seeds on the moon. This breakthrough is considered by scientists as a critical part of future space expeditions as it could allow astronauts to grow and harvest their own food even in low temperatures.
  • Japanese honor guard

    How China could have Impacted Japan’s Military Upgrade

    China is deemed to have had a ripple effect on Japan's militia. Japanese military improvements have recently been enforced, including a new carrier and added troops bound for training. Japan has also sent the largest number of forces to the annual Exercise Iron Fist in the U.S.
  • Vietnamese performers

    Why Vietnam Qualifies to Host Trump-Kim Summit

    The second U.S.-North Korea summit is bound to happen but where will it take place? Vietnam tops the list of supposed locations for the highly-anticipated meeting. It turns out that the country is qualified to host the meeting between two of the world's most watched leaders.
  • Theresa May

    What Went Down in Theresa May’s Brexit Loss

    Prime Minister Theresa May lost her Brexit deal by 230 votes on Tuesday. A no confidence vote has been called out and while May is confident of her win, her previous defeat could actually lead to a general election in the long run. As debates push through, Britain is set to leave the EU on March 29.
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