• China streets

    China: Government Seeks Public Opinion on New Industry Catalog

    A proposed industry catalog has just been released to the public. The new catalog is expected to boost foreign investments as part of Beijing's pledge of opening up the Chinese market to interested investors.
  • Diamond

    How China’s Man-Made Diamonds Could Change The Industry

    China's man-made diamonds is gaining popularity in the global gemstone industry. Some analysts predict that this particular sect can have a shot at reshaping the global market. This doesn't mean there's no opposition to the idea of natural diamond substitution.
  • AI autonomous vehicle experience

    Chinese Tech Giants Advance In Global AI Realm

    The global tech industry continues to grapple for power in the artificial intelligence sect. Among the top contenders are Chinese companies that originated from online retail, search engine services, and social media.
  • Donald Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker

    U.S. And EU Head To Trade Talks With Different Priorities

    A new round of trade talks is set to take place between the EU and the U.S. soon. However, some analysts pointed out that differences in priorities could make it difficult for both sides to strike a deal.
  • Apple

    Apple Is Back On Top, Topples Microsoft And Amazon

    Apple bagged the gold in the race for America's most valuable companies. Microsoft and Amazon follow behind as stock prices dipped on Wednesday.
  • Porsche factory

    Economy: German Manufacturers Struggle With Demand

    Germany could potentially fall into technical recession, analysts predicted, as the country's manufacturing sect struggles to see orders coming. The German economic minister has introduced a new industrial plan that could help push up the economy.
  • China travel

    China: Inbound Tourism Improved Steadily In 2018

    China’s inbound tourism figures in 2018 indicated that there was steady growth in the travel sector. A joint study has recommended additional visa options to further improve inbound tourist experience.
  • Brexit protest

    U.K. Economy Stagnates As Brexit Countdown Begins

    The British economy has fallen into stagnation, just seven weeks short of the Brexit. A lot of bosses in the country’s services sectors have put the blame on uncertainties that will follow after the U.K. finally leaves the EU on March 29.
  • Apple France

    France Slaps iPhone Maker With Millions In Back Taxes

    Apple has given up on resisting France’s tax sanctions as the French division confirmed that the company will settle the dispute. The iPhone maker’s decision is just a portion of Europe’s efforts to claim unpaid taxes from tech giants.
  • Plastic bottles

    What ‘Circular’ Thinking Can Do For U.S. Companies

    ING's latest survey revealed that circular thinking could increase the value of U.S. companies. The report also stated that this model could help American firms contribute $4.5 trillion to the economy.
  • Lenovo

    Israel: Lenovo Defeats HP In Laptop Sales In Q4 2018

    Lenovo's sales in Israel allowed the Chinese computer brand to topple U.S. provider HP. Dell and local brand Ivory also made it to the top five.
  • France income card

    Italy’s New Employment Strategy Launched by M5S

    Italy's Five Star Movement has just launched its "citizens' income" website and income card for the purpose of helping unemployed and low earning communities. Some polticians and business groups are not confident that the new scheme will work.
  • Angela Merkel in Tokyo

    Japan, Germany To Boost Free Trade In Preparation Of Brexit Impact

    Japan and Germany have pledged to support free trade as a means of helping lessen the global effects of Britain's exit from the European Union. The leaders also agreed that both countries share a responsibility in keeping peace and prosperity around the globe.
  • Apple iPhone

    Apple’s Filing Points To Settlement Plans For iPhone Lawsuits

    Apple is planning to pay for multiple iPhone lawsuits thrown at the U.S. company last year. The tech giant also reiterated in its latest SEC filing that the iPhones in question were "not defective."
  • French President Emmanuel Macron

    Inside France’s Facebook, Google, And Amazon Tax Plans

    France's tax plans on some of the world's biggest tech companies are moving forward. The government is looking to proceed with their national tax reforms whether or not the European Union agrees.
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