• Baidu CEO Robin Li

    Baidu Investors Urged To Focus On Income Instead Of Just Growth Rate

    Seeking Alpha analysts have predicted that Baidu's earnings will remain strong this year amid slowing growth rates among tech companies. The company's recent ventures in artificial intelligence are expected to spur growth in the tech giant's revenue margins.
  • Chinese construction

    Chinese Economy: Citizens Abroad Show Faith In Beijing

    Following President Xi Jinping's warm greetings to the people of China ahead of the Spring Festival celebrations, overseas Chinese expressed their gratitude and faith in their country's economy. Chinese working abroad are still confident that their motherland's economy will keep growing.
  • China-Qatar

    Diplomatic Relations Update: Inside Qatari Leader’s China Visit

    Last week, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani made his second visit to China. Chinese President Xi Jinping welcome Emir Tamim and his delegation to Beijing. The delegations pledged to improve cooperation in various industries including energy and technology.
  • Winter seagull

    U.S. Economy: Polar Vortex Could Affect Various Businesses

    As temperatures start dropping this winter, some analysts predicted that the polar vortex could have a significant impact on the U.S. economy. Employment rates could fall and businesses such as commercial flights could be hampered.
  • AI

    Inside Baidu’s AI Cloud Computing Center Plans

    Nothing can stop Baidu's ventures into the artificial intelligence sect. The tech giant recently announced its plans to build China's second AI cloud computing center, this time in Baoding.
  • Mario Draghi

    European Central Bank Dragged Into Eurozone 2018 Dip

    The eurozone's 2018 slump may be affecting more than businessess and economies as the European Central Bank has reportedly started hinting that it will act towards potential risks if the bank gets affected.
  • Stock index

    Market Watch: NetEase And SINA Stocks Soar

    SINA and NetEase stocks climbed on Thursday, following positive comments released by Chinese and U.S. delegations regarding the trade talks held in Washington. SINA, in particular, saw a 5.79 percent hike.
  • BT London

    BT Approval In Line With China’s Pledge Of Opening Up

    China recently gave the green light to British telecom company BT, allowing the tech firm to operate within the country. Experts believe this is the government's way of proving that it is opening up more opportunities for overseas brands.
  • Germany plant

    Germany’s Anti-Coal Efforts May Have Geopolitical Risks

    Germany is pursuing plans to completely cut coal use by 2038. While the pollution-reducing strategy can save woodlands such as the Hambach Forest, an energy expert noted that this could pose geopolitical risks for the European country.
  • Baidu

    Baidu’s Value Enough To Withstand Potential Google Comeback

    Baidu can retain its place on the top of search engine providers in China, an investment expert predicted. With new ventures in the artificial intelligence industry, the company has what it takes to the overcome odds, even a looming Google comeback.
  • Italy debt clock

    Italy In Recession, Commission Still Against Spending Plans

    Italy is in recession for the third time in a decade and analysts have expressed concerns over how the eurozone economy will perform this year.
  • Chinese supermarket

    Chinese Economy: How Increased Consumption Could Drive Growth

    Chinese economists are hopeful that increased consumption will help drive the country's economy on an upward scale. Economic growth is also being linked to the rise of Internet-based providers such as Alibaba and Baidu.
  • Louis Vuitton bags

    Louis Vuitton Shrugs Off Economic Decline

    LVMH stood its ground amid fears of how industries will perform as China's economy begins to slow down. The company's Q4 2018 results revealed that sales in China increased.
  • Beijing supermarket

    Business: Food Tracking System Installed In 58 Chinese Cities

    China's Spring Festival is fast approaching. To help solve market issues such as food shortage, the Chinese government has installed food tracking systems in 58 cities across the country.
  • Pharmaceutical tablets

    Dutch Firm Announces Vitamin E Deal With China’s Nenter

    Dutch nutrition company DSM is on its way towards securing a partnership deal with China's Nenter & Co., Inc. The vitamin E collaboration is expected to help the former in its goal of expanding business in Asia.
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