• PM Shinzo Abe

    Japanese PM Talks China Ties as Officials Call for Bilateral Progress

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during his Monday policy speech that he wants to improve bilateral ties with China. His statement was made a few days after Chinese and Japanese officials agreed that it's time to strengthen relations between both parties.
  • China North Korea relations

    China: Xi Jinping and Wife Welcome DPRK Leader

    President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan watched a performance by DPRK artists as China and North Korea further strengthened cultural ties. Senior official Ri Su-yong brought the performers with him to Beijing. The artists sang Chinese and North Korean songs.
  • Shanghai

    Shanghai: World’s Biggest Planetarium in the Works

    The Chinese city of Shanghai is building the world's largest planetarium. It will feature three exhibition sites: Home, Universe, and Journey. The planetarium is expected to open on 2021.
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day

    Shanghai was a Haven for Holocaust Refugees

    Shanghai was a refuge for escaping Jews during the Holocaust. Refugees recalled their memories of Chinese people who helped them have a new life after World War II.
  • Huawei logo

    China Negotiates with EU on 5G Network Projects

    Chinese Ambassador Zhang Ming has warned other countries against preventing Huawei and other Chinese countries from participating in 5G network projects. Zhang said the move could hamper benefits that EU countries will get from 5G network-related programs.
  • Emmanuel Macron

    China and France Celebrate 55 Years of Cooperation

    China and France are celebrating 55 years of friendship and diplomatic relations. President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, expressed their willingness to continue strengthening ties between the two countries
  • Baidu

    Finance: Baidu Stock Still Worth the Wait

    Baidu shares are still worth waiting for, a financial analyst said. Despite the backlash, the company's AI and self-driving car platform could pave the way for its comeback in the global market.
  • Telephone bill of federal worker

    U.S. Shutdown Leaves Scars among Federal Workers

    The U.S. government has opened after 35 days of shutting down but the aftermath could be chaotic for federal workers and contractual employees. Federal government workers are expected to receive their backpay. The same scenario may not be applicable for contractors.
  • Baidu

    Stock Market: Baidu Has a Fair Chance to Bounce Back

    Baidu has received a public backlash last week but some analysts believe that the Chinese tech giant can still recover. Company stocks declined over the last quarter of 2018 but investments in the technological industry could help push the firm up once more.
  • World Economic Forum

    Chinese Businessmen Optimistic During Davos Forum

    Zhang Jin of Cedar Holdings and other Chinese businessmen attended the World Economic Forum with an air of optimism for the global economy. China's Vice-President also attended the annual conference.
  • Wine bottles

    Chinese Businessmen Fortify Operations against Fake Wine

    Fake wine sales are growing by the day but Chinese businessmen are working to keep their companies from being penetrated by counterfeiters. Great Wall, in particular, has a team overseeing the issue.
  • Paypal

    Hongbao War Officially Opens with Alipay on the Lead

    Alipay has led the way in China's annual hongbao war that seeks to enhance user loyalty among citizens who use the apps to pay for bills or purchases. Baidu and QuickPass have also joined the ranks of companies that offer digital hongbaos.
  • Bing

    Bing Restored as Baidu Remains in Heat

    Bing's services were temporarily inaccessible in China on Thursday while netizens continue to contemplate on whether or not they should trust Baidu again. These events took place amid the country's war against uncensored content.
  • Russia Japan meeting

    Russia-Japan Still Barren on Resolution for Territorial Spat

    Russia and Japan are still short of an agreement that will end the countries' decades-long dispute over the Northern Islands. President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met on Tuesday for bilateral talks but both sides refused to comment on whether or not the negotiations progressed on a positive note.
  • Donald Trump

    U.S. Senate: Two Bills Snapped in One Day

    The U.S. Senate has rejected two bills on Thursday, including the budget proposal for President Donald Trump's southern border wall. The news comes as the U.S. government's partial shutdown continues to affect workers across the country.
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