• Shenzhen

    Asian Cities Dominate Global Urban Growth Index

    Chinese cities, along with other Asia-Pacific towns, have made it to the top 20 list of locations displaying great potential in economic and real estate growth. The report was unveiled as spectators watch China's "Belt and Road Initiative" take form within the next few years.
  • Luckin Coffee

    Chinese Coffee Startup’s Strategy to Beat Starbucks

    Luckin Coffee is putting more pressure on Starbucks with its latest reveal. The Chinese chain is reportedly planning to make the American coffee giant step down from its post as China's largest coffee chain. So far, the Beijing-based provider is doing well as it recently added lunch offers on its product list.
  • PM Theresa May

    Theresa May is Saved but She Has to Compromise

    Wednesday night offered salvation for Prime Minister Theresa May won the no confidence vote tabled by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday. After all the ruckus from this week's Brexit deal loss, experts believe May should be willing to compromise. Will she?
  • Soyuz spacecraft

    China’s Moon Mission Sprouts First Cotton Seeds

    China's Chang'e-4 has made history all over again as it sprouted the first cotton seeds on the moon. This breakthrough is considered by scientists as a critical part of future space expeditions as it could allow astronauts to grow and harvest their own food even in low temperatures.
  • Japanese honor guard

    How China could have Impacted Japan’s Military Upgrade

    China is deemed to have had a ripple effect on Japan's militia. Japanese military improvements have recently been enforced, including a new carrier and added troops bound for training. Japan has also sent the largest number of forces to the annual Exercise Iron Fist in the U.S.
  • Vietnamese performers

    Why Vietnam Qualifies to Host Trump-Kim Summit

    The second U.S.-North Korea summit is bound to happen but where will it take place? Vietnam tops the list of supposed locations for the highly-anticipated meeting. It turns out that the country is qualified to host the meeting between two of the world's most watched leaders.
  • Theresa May

    What Went Down in Theresa May’s Brexit Loss

    Prime Minister Theresa May lost her Brexit deal by 230 votes on Tuesday. A no confidence vote has been called out and while May is confident of her win, her previous defeat could actually lead to a general election in the long run. As debates push through, Britain is set to leave the EU on March 29.
  • Honor guards

    What Chinese Navy Needs to Become Naval Cavalier

    China is headed towards naval leadership if it becomes owner of six aicraft carriers. Experts predict that the Chinese navy is building nuclear-powered carriers to support its activities at sea.
  • Full moon

    After Historical Moon Probe, China Eyes Mars

    China has just made it clear that it is heading to a bright future in the space exploration sector. The country's space agency announced that after a second moon probe by the end of 2019, it will head towards Mars sometime 2020. Three other space expeditions are reportedly in the works.
  • Shipping containers

    China-Russia Trade Soars in Billions

    China and Russia just made history. The two countries recorded a trade exchange amounting to over $100 billion in 2018. The latest reveal comes as China is presumed to engage in a trade war against the U.S. An expert has commented that global markets shouldn't be worried about a war that may not happen at all.
  • Huawei logo

    China Backs Huawei as it Faces Western Ire

    China has finally voiced out its thoughts regarding the accusations about Huawei's supposed ties with Beijing. The company's founder has also spoken up about the allegations, as well as the recent arrest of his daughter in Vancouver.
  • Friendship Bridge

    Inside China’s Grand Strategy against Slowing Economy

    This year, many countries are slowing down, but China isn't. A new report revealed that the country will be focusing on assisting new markets that work on advanced technological products. This will support Chinese President Xi Jinping's "Belt and Road Initiative." One of his representatives has traveled to the UAE in hopes of pursuing the project.
  • China US flags

    China may Lead World Economy within a Decade

    A new forecast has predicted that the U.S. economy may fall to third spot by 2030, with China and India leading ahead. Economists believe that stabilization will most likely be felt after the third quarter of 2019.
  • Jack Ma, Alibaba Founder

    Alibaba Regroups with New Strategic Program

    Following a huge drop in stocks last year, Alibaba is regrouping with its new A100 program. The partnership program aims to propel the company towards the massive digital world. If things work out as planned, the 30-year-old company may recover the losses in 2018.
  • Huawei

    Xiaomi Takes Direct Hit from Huawei’s Honor

    There's no stopping Huawei in its plans to win the hearts of Chinese smartphone and gadget buyers. The company launched a shopping app for its sub-brand Honor and it sports qualities similar to Xiaomi's shopping website. Aside from the new app release, Huawei also released a bright, eccentric Honor 8X variant at CES 2019.
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