Artie Villasanta

  • Brexit is coming?

    UK Cabinet Approves Draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

    If all goes well, which it likely won't, the United Kingdom might get to its cherished goal of "Brexit-ting" the European Union (EU) on March 29, 2019.
  • Danger

    NASA Will Land Humans on Mars In 25 Years; Space X Will Do It In Six

    NASA has pushed back its original plan and now intends to send the first humans to Mars by the 2040s.
  • Going after Pakistan

    Nation-State Sponsored Hackers Hit Pakistan Armed Forces

    It seems the Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF), the most powerful Muslim fighting force in the world, is a mere minnow when it comes to cybersecurity.
  • New rockets

    China Developing Huge Rockets for Moon and Mars Missions

    China has begun the process that will develop and build a heavy and super-heavy launch vehicle designed to transport Chinese astronauts or yuhangyuan to the Moon, and to Mars.
  • Another really bad day

    Asian Markets Take A Beating as Wall Street Stumbles Again

    Two straight days of Wall Street meltdowns have seen the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average plunge by a combined 700 points, and infected Asian markets on both Monday and Tuesday.
  • Mom's example

    If Your Mom Had Many Partners, So Might You

    It seems that men and women whose mothers had more partners -- either married or cohabiting -- often follow the same path.
  • March, Europe!

    France, Germany Lead Push To Establish An European Army

    An European Army consisting of soldiers from countries comprising the European Union (EU) and allied European nations might be on the march "one day" in the future.
  • Dangerous for non-whites

    Hate Crimes in the U.S. Jump 17% in 2017

    Now is not a good time to be a non-white person in the United States. Hate crimes committed by white Americans against non-whites jumped a record 17% in 2017 over 2016, fueled by the bigotry and racism of U.S. president Donald Trump.
  • Slow growth

    Slow Growth In the Cards For Europe, Says IMF

    Europe's growth prospects over the next two years are imperilled due to a more turbulent external environment worsened by trade tensions and tighter financial conditions, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  • Dumped?

    Trump Hits Chinese Aluminum Sheet Products With Huge Import Duties

    The Trump administration continues to jeopardize the success of future talks with China to resolve the ongoing trade war by imposing final anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties against Chinese aluminum exports.
  • Buyers, anyone?

    UK Property Prices Will Keep Falling in Coming Months

    Property prices in most of the United Kingdom, which are at their weakest since September 2012, are projected to continue falling in formerly hotspot markets over the next three months. And the cause of this lingering malady -- Brexit.
  • Coming soon

    New CR929 Jetliner To Begin Commercial Flights By 2025

    China and Russia recently unveiled a full-size model of the cockpit and passenger cabin of their jointly developed CRAIC CR929 wide-body, long-haul twinjet airliner. The plane's maiden flight is scheduled for 2023.
  • Light trucks are huge

    Toyota Posts Huge Revenue and Profit Increases

    Toyota Motor Corporation said its worldwide operating profit jumped 11 percent in its fiscal second quarter, but is also seriously considering revamping its line-up in the United States to include more light trucks and fewer passenger cars.
  • Alien spy?

    Space Thing Named `Oumuamua Might Be Alien Space Probe,

    An odd, cigar shaped "thing" that's since been called an "interstellar object" after its discovery a year ago might -- might -- be an alien spacecraft probing our planet.
  • Bad news for Trump

    Blue Wave Sweeps Democrats To Control of U.S. House of Representatives; GOP Keeps Senate

    As the polls consistently predicted, the Democratic Party regained control of the United States House of Representatives while the Republican Party retained its hold of the Senate in a midterm election that saw widespread voter repudiation of president Donald Trump and his politics of hate, division, and racism.