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  • Fights obesity

    Chinese Scientists in U.S. Develop Small, Implantable Weight Loss Device

    A team consisting mainly of Chinese and Chinese-American scientists working in the United States has developed a simple implantable device that has the potential to combat obesity by simply fooling the brain.
  • Glut

    Oil Prices Plummet To Lowest In A Year Despite Planned Production Cutbacks

    Oil prices plunged to their lowest in over a year Tuesday, despite a pledge two weeks ago by OPEC+ to scale-down oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day in a new bid to hike prices to $70 per barrel.
  • Warship killer

    New U.S. LRASM Missile Can Sink Enemy Warships 370 Km Away

    The U.S. Air Force has received its first AGM-158C LRASMs (Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles), a stealthy anti-ship cruise missile whose autonomous targeting capabilities allow it to select and sink a maneuvering warship target on its own without the need of any kind of external guidance.
  • Politics is the answer

    Only Total Communist Party Control Can Solve China’s Economic Woes, Says Xi

    Only by affirming the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) can China overcome the punishing economic challenges -- especially Trump's trade war -- pounding its economy.
  • Wow!

    Largest Diamond in North America Discovered in Canada

    Canada has yielded the largest diamond ever discovered in North America -- a 552 carat gemstone unearthed close to the frigid wastes of the Arctic Circle.
  • Back to Square One

    North Korea Threatens No Denuclearization Over Latest U.S. Sanctions

    North Korea has reacted angrily to the United States imposing sanctions on three of its top officials, saying this move by the Trump administration could "block the path to denuclearization on the Korean peninsula forever."
  • Much too expensive

    California Housing Shortage Spawning Huge Economic and Social Ills

    California's unprecedented success in creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs is worsening an already acute and chronic housing crisis while hurling more people into poverty and boosting the ranks of the homeless.
  • Too many abuses of power

    Trump’s ‘White House of Horrors’ Claims Another Victim: Ryan Zinke

    Trump's White House, which critics deride as the "White House of Horrors" because of its high staff turnover and maddening tension, claimed its latest victim with the ousting of scandal-ridden Ryan Zinke, former Secretary of the Interior.
  • Causes cancer?

    Cancer-Causing Asbestos Was in Johnson’s Baby Powder Since 1970s

    Johnson & Johnson, the brand best known in Asia for its baby powder, continues to deny allegations it knew as early as the 1970s that the talc in its baby powder contained asbestos, a known carcinogen.
  • The real fight begins now

    200 Countries OK Rules to Implement Paris Climate Change Agreement

    The 2015 Paris Agreement that aims to radically curb worldwide greenhouse gas emissions (GhG) can now be implemented with gusto thanks to the approval by nearly 200 countries of the rules that implement the Agreement.
  • Sixth-gen fighter

    Planned U.S. Stealth Jet Might Be Armed with Lasers

    The newest air superiority fighter of the U.S. Air Force now under development will be super stealthy, super smart -- and super expensive.
  • 100% Indian Ocean

    Indian Navy Expansion to Make Indian Ocean 100% Indian

    The Indian Navy will continue to rely on its submarine fleet - especially its new and stealthy Scorpène-class boats - to deter the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) from deploying more warships to patrol the Indian Ocean.
  • Goodbye, QE!

    ECB Ends Massive QE Program After 4 Years

    The European Central Bank (ECB) on December 31 will formally end its multi-trillion Euro quantitative easing (QE) program that rescued the euro zone economy from deflationary dangers and rebuilt confidence in its financial institutions.
  • World leader in gun deaths

    Guns Killed 40,000 People in U.S. in 2017

    Guns killed nearly 40,000 people in the United States in 2017, which is the highest number of gun deaths nationwide since records of gun violence began being kept in 1979.
  • Spacemen

    Virgin Galactic Sends Two Pilots Into Space

    Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight firm founded by Sir Richard Branson to take tourists into space, has kept its promise to send one of its crews into space before Christmas.
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