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  • Aliens?

    Odd Repeating Radio Signal from Outside the Milky Way Might Come from Aliens?

    Scientists are trying to find a perfectly logical explanation for a seemingly illogical repeating signal emanating from way beyond our Solar System that seems to suggest an artificial origin to some scientists.
  • Now a secret

    Info About U.S. Navy Robot Warships Now Classified as Secret

    The U.S. Navy has banned the release of news about its accelerated effort to develop and build unmanned or robot surface warships for its future fleet.
  • From hero to zero

    Carlos Ghosn Claims Innocence in First Court Appearance in Tokyo

    Carlos Ghosn, the "miracle worker" who saved both Groupe Renault and Nissan Motor Co, Ltd from bankruptcy, told the Tokyo District Court today that he is innocent of charges of financial misconduct that sent him to jail in November 2017, and destroyed his once sterling reputation in the auto industry.
  • Bad Q4

    Samsung Reports Weaker Revenues and Profit for Q4 2018

    Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, maker of the vaunted Samsung smartphones, has reported a 29% drop in revenues due to a set of unfortunate economic and political events.
  • Look into the future

    New DARPA Program Uses AI and ‘Schemas’ To Predict World Events

    A new artificial intelligence (AI) program up for development by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to better comprehend world events.
  • More protection

    Israeli Anti-Missile System To Protect U.S. Army Bradleys from RPGs

    Israel's "Iron Fist Light" Active Protection System (APS) has moved one step closer to being the standard APS that will protect U.S. Army M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from RPGs and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).
  • Cyberattacked

    U.S. Navy Boosts Campaign to Protect Weapons Systems from Cyberattacks

    Cyberattacks on U.S. Navy weapons systems by Chinese, Russians and other foes are unrelenting, occur every day -- and are increasing in frequency and sophistication.
  • Adjustable

    U.S. Army Fast-Tracking Development of Bradley Fighting Vehicle Replacement

    The U.S. Army has rapidly accelerated the development of its new "Next-Generation Combat Vehicle" (NGCV) by combining current state of the art technologies with promising future systems instead of building an entirely new armored fighting vehicle (AFV) from scratch.
  • Too many lies

    ‘Lyin’ Donald’ Fails to Make Case For Americans Funding Border Wall with Mexico

    Weighed down by his well-deserved reputation for lying, president Donald Trump tried mightily to convince the American people he's telling the truth when he claims a border wall -- and the $5.7 billion in American taxpayer money to build it -- is needed to stem an "immigration crisis" at the border with Mexico.
  • Why?

    World Bank President Gives No Reason for Sudden Resignation

    Jim Yong Kim, the Korean-American president of the World Bank Group, has unexpectedly resigned his post. His resignation takes effect on Feb. 1.
  • Putting his foot into his mouth again

    Day 18 of Trump’s Government Shutdown and Things are Looking Bad

    Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are set to push forward a set of bills to reopen U.S. federal government agencies shut down by president Donald Trump, who now wants American taxpayers to pay for a border wall with Mexico he promised only Mexico would shoulder.
  • Really fast

    Future U.S. Army Helicopter Will Be Fastest Yet

    The Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 Defiant, one of two aircraft designs competing in the U.S. Army's Joint Multi-Role-Medium Technology Demonstrator Program, will finally get to fly sometime this year.
  • Is it coming?

    China Has No Warship For Its Electromagnetic Railgun

    The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has no warship in service or building capable of mounting and firing an electromagnetic railgun.
  • Unlimited clean energy

    U.S. Must Continue Role in ITER Nuclear Fusion Project

    The United States must continue participating in the multi-billion dollar ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject instead of launching its own separate endeavor, concluded a panel of distinguished American scientists.
  • Prepare for war

    Train Harder for War, Xi Tells His Army

    In what is now an annual call to action, president Xi Jinping again goaded the men and women of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to enhance their combat readiness to develop a strong armed forces ready for war.
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