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  • Porsche factory

    Auto Watch: Porsche Will Raise Prices Following Brexit

    Porsche has just warned its potential buyers that prices will increase after Brexit if additional tariffs are imposed to car imports in the U.K. The automaker said the move is only "precautionary."
  • ticket search app

    Baidu Should Toughen Up As Mobile Internet Dominates

    Baidu is set to undergo rough times as mobile search continues to soar greater heights. Gone were the days when Baidu, Bing, Google, and other search engines dominated desktop days.
  • Alibaba

    Alibaba Dominates China Retail Through AliPay And User Base

    Alibaba's latest annual report highlighted two key drivers that put the retail giant on a dominant position in China's retail world. The Chinese tech giant has also purchased 8 percent in stakes on Bilibili.
  • AI Researchers

    Yitu And Other Chinese Tech Companies Pivoting Towards Western Expansion Methods

    Yitu Technology has joined other global companies in adopting Western expansion models in the form of R&D centers. The company established its first overseas center in Singapore earlier this month.
  • Tree

    NASA Says China And India Lead Global Greening Movement

    A new study from the NASA discovered that China and India are the two countries that lead the way in greening the Earth. Research used the MODIS sensor to track vegetation and forest areas across the world.
  • Angela Merkel

    Global Economy: Germany Narrowly Dodges Technical Recession

    Germany successfully dodged a technical recession as Q4 2018 results were released by the state's statistics agency. Experts attribute the 0 percent growth rate to the auto industry's crisis last year as well as Brexit uncertainties.
  • Facebook

    Facebook Reportedly In Talks With FTC For Cambridge Analytica Fine Settlement

    Facebook and the FTC are reportedly discussing a potential multibillion-dollar fine that could be the biggest yet in the history of the commission. The fine is said to conclude the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March 2018.
  • shopping for clothes

    Uniqlo And Other Consumer Goods Resilient In China

    Tech brands saw a slowdown in sales in China over the last quarter of last year but other consumer companies, including clothing giant Uniqlo, did just fine. Yamaha and Kose Corp. also saw sales growth in the country in 2018.
  • China US trade talks

    Energy And Retail Stocks Climb Ahead Of China-U.S. Trade Talks

    Stock prices saw significant gains on Wednesday following U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement that he may consider extending the March 2 tariff truce deadline if this week's trade talks progress further. Both American and Chinese stocks closed higher as officials commenced a new round of two-day sessions.
  • Tourists

    Japan: Overseas Bookings Increased More Than Twice For Golden Week Holidays

    This year's Golden Week holidays include Crown Prince Naruhito's ascent to the Imperial Throne. The latest data revealed that overseas reservations increased largely as Japanese people prepare for extended vacations.
  • Pro Brexit

    No Deal Brexit: Many Food Firms Could Go Extinct

    Food businesses are at risk of going extinct should a no deal Brexit take place, the Food and Drink Federation warned. PM Theresa May has yet to come up with a deal that other MPs will approve.
  • bottles

    Chinese Market Opens Up To Israeli Winery

    The Chinese market has opened doors to Psagot Winery, an Israeli wine provider that seeks to explore international markets. The winery has started exporting its products to Guangzhou City.
  • Drinks section

    Chinese Food Brand SQZ Unveils New Drinks In Swedish Eco-Friendly Packaging

    China's Shou Quan Zhai will be releasing two new non-dairy beverages packaged by Sweden's Ecolean. The new beverages are part of the company's efforts to help lessen negative packaging effects to the environment.
  • Plastic waste

    New Chemical Conversion Process Could Help Manage Global Waste Dilemma

    An Indiana university has come up with a chemical conversion process that transforms plastics into clean fuels and other products. The team is now in search of investors who are interested in helping ease the world's waste management problems.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    U.S. Economic Security: Inside Democratic Party’s ‘Green New Deal’

    The Democratic party's "Green New Deal" has been unveiled to the public. The overview mentioned options for U.S. citizens who are "unwilling to work." Some analysts noted that the plan has no specific programs detailed in the overview.
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