Maureen Bongat Jularbal

  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is Facing Charges: Alleged Victim Shares Her Side of Story

    The "Loyal" singer Chris Brown doesn't seem to have a very nice kick off this year as he faces another controversy with issues regarding women abuse and drugs once again.
  • China Airplane

    2019 Travel Predictions Every Traveler Must Know About

    There are a lot of things to be excited about as another year unfolds. One of those is travel predictions that some people can't help but orchestrate based on last year's travel information and recent signs of progress.
  • Marnie the Dog

    Dogs Can Help People Manage Their Type 1 Diabetes, Study Says

    Most of us treat our dogs just like a family. Who wouldn't right? With the unconditional love with drippy little smooches they can give, who could resist their charm? But aside from that, a recent study shows another reason to love these furballs even more, especially to those people suffering from type 1 diabetes.
  • BTS Jimin

    BTS's Jimin Talks On What Inspired Him To His Newest Single ’Promise’

    Amid the success of the newest KPOP solo track entitled "Promise," the man behind the song, Jimin, is now in the limelight once again to share a part of his heart to his fans.
  • Coming to the world of content without context - Let’s explore the psychology of vulnerable students with Dr. Jamie Chiu, and find out the methods in helping them for some issues they are afraid to as

    Dr. Jamie Chiu: How She Creates Change By Healing The Broken

    Depression and other mental illnesses are still considered a taboo around the world even up to now. Though some countries are already starting to embrace its reality, other countries like China are still hesitant to dig deeper regarding the issue.
  • Tim Tebow

    Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Finally Said Yes To Tim Tebow's Wedding Proposal

    It is still not February yet, but love is already in the air for Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and former American football player Tim Tebow, as the latter finally proposed to her one true love at his family's farm near Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Flu

    How To Protect Yourself From Influenza As The Flu Season Begins

    Many would consider flu as a contagious disease but not as dangerous as other illnesses such as diabetes or heart attack. Given this reason, some people tend not to take this one seriously without making a lot of effort to cover themselves from factors that could infect them with this disease.
  • R. Kelly

    R. Kelly's Estranged Daughter Finally Speaks Out Amid Father's Allegations

    Amid all the allegation that his father is facing now, American singer-songwriter R. Kelly's daughter, Buku Abi, has finally broken her silence.
  • Food

    Don't Want To Acquire Diabetes? Eat Your Breakfast Regularly, Study Says

    There is a saying that goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Though some might not seriously consider it, a new study shows why it is crucial for everyone to enjoy this meal as we prepare to begin our day.
  • Emily Blunt

    Emily Blunt, John Krasinski Drop $11 Million For A Luxurious NYC Apartment

    Few weeks after Matt Damon has reportedly bought a 16.7 million U.S. Dollar or about 113.5 million Chinese Yuan penthouse in one of the most luxurious buildings in Brooklyn Heights, The Standish, another couple decided to move into the building and experience this one of a kind deluxe life with their pal.
  • Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

    Why Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Church Wedding Got Delayed?

    Months after secretly tying the knot at a civil courthouse ceremony on September 13 of last year, Justin Bieber and his wife assure their fans there is still a religious ceremony that is about to happen between them that everyone should anticipate.
  • laboratory

    Negative Emotions Makes the Body More Susceptible to Infections: Study

    Have you ever gone feeling so stressed, anxious and negative with all the things that are happening around that you end up getting sick eventually? New research explains the connection between your emotional health to your physical well-being.
  • Almond Milk

    How Good is Your Cup of Almond Milk?

    As of the present, almond milk is one of the most popular dairy milk alternatives in the United States. But is it really that healthy?
  • Lindsay Lohan

    Lohan's Beach Club Revelations: What It's Like To Work With Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club is finally on its track. But, aside from the attractive bartenders and models hand-picked by Lindsay Lohan herself to become the VIP hosts of her beach house empire in Mykonos, Greece, the eyes of the followers of the said MTV show are also highlighted to the lady boss behind the show itself.
  • Kylie Jenner and baby

    Kylie Jenner Preps Excitedly for Her Little Stormi's 1st Birthday Party

    Birthdays are always special. No wonder why the American reality television personality and hot momma Kylie Jenner can't help but to feel very excited for her baby girl's first birthday party this February 1.
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