Gigi Hadid May Replace Heidi Klum In 'Project Runway,' Iconic Model, Tim Gunn Discuss New Amazon Studios Project

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Filler Fanatics Go For Fresher Look, Scramble To Deflate Plumped Up Faces (Photo: REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn announced they are about to leave "Project Runway" after 16 successful seasons. As the 45-year-old German model's departure will cause a big void to the long-running show, can Gigi Hadid replace the television personality's hosting abilities?

According to Hollywood Life, there are swirling rumors Hadid is replacing Klum as "Project Runway" new host. So it is a big question if the "America's Got Talent" judge is approving of her replacement.

A source confirmed to the publication Klum "totally approves" of Hadid to continue her hosting stint in "Project Runway." "Heidi thinks Gigi would be an amazing replacement for her on Project Runway," the insider said.

Klum allegedly believed Hadid has all the "necessary skills" to be "Project Runway" next host. Her cult social media following and huge fan base would also help bring in a new touch to the show. The fashion designer knew the 23-year-old catwalker could perfectly carry the reality show's legacy and could do the job.

Although Klum is moving on from "Project Runway," she will always have sympathy for the show. Being on the show for 16 years is not an easy feat, so she wants to assure she will leave it in "safe hands." "She thinks Gigi could really put her own unique stamp on the show," the insider continued to say.

To recall, Klum and Gunn announced their departure from "Project Runway" earlier this week to start a new project for Amazon Studios. The businesswoman described her relationship with the 65-year-old fashion consultant as "husband and wife" and the Lifetime show is their baby, via Variety.

As "Project Runway" is now 16-years-old, Klum believed it could walk on its own. She continued to say they truly love the show and wish it the best of luck, but they have to leave and create a new one.

Gunn, on the other hand, assured everyone they ended their connection with "Project Runway" on "good terms." "We have only the deepest affection for Lifetime," he said as they bid their goodbyes to the network's bosses.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Amazon show has yet to have its own title and release date, but Klum revealed the show would feature fashion and designers around the world instead. It will be far different from "Project Runway" that focuses on the United States. It would also feature an "interactive element" where viewers could buy clothes specifically made on the show through Amazon fashion store.

Klum also added they are now working very hard to show everyone what they have in store as soon as possible. "Obviously, there's so much involved because it's huge, so we want to get it right," she said. 

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