New iPhones To Breathe New Life In Congested Smartphone Market

Apple is expected to unveil its new batch of iPhones in the coming days, a move that will hopefully infuse new life in an overly congested smartphone segment. The Cupertino company could find itself reclaiming its spot after dropping to third place.

Chinese-based Huawei has overtaken Apple in the ranking, a shift that most attribute to the advanced technological features which have allured the consumer market. Despite taking the conservative route in integrating the latest technology, experts believe that Apple still has the right formula that will help them retain their loyal customers and maintain phone sales, Gulf-Times said.

All that could start on Wednesday when Apple lifts the covers on their new batch of iPhones. The belief is that there may be three new models introduced, variants that will carry on some of the features of the premium iPhone X from last year. That model debuted with a hefty $1,000 price tag, something that customers are likewise wary about.

Among the device that could be introduced include a budget-friendly iPhone offering some iPhone X features but sporting a less-expensive LCD screen. The screen display of the next generation of iPhones is what most are interested to see. But as mentioned in a previous post, Apple will not be integrating the popular in-display fingerprint sensor, at least not yet.

Apple will also be hard-pressed to see if their latest device can position themselves in the market opposite rival brands. Just last month, Samsung had already launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a phablet that most were keenly awaiting. Next month, it will be Google’s turn to showcase their offering with new Android-powered and top-end Pixel phone variants.

With several smartphone brands now out, Apple may need to boost their other product lines to ramp up sales. This includes their iPad and the Apple watch. The latter has hardly returned big revenue for the company although the projection by critics is that this should account for a larger business moving forward.
According to AFP, the demand for products on a body have been growing. The Apple Watch is something that can function independently or be used as a compliment to Apple’s other devices (i.e. iPhone, iPod, and iPad). With advanced solutions mobile solutions tied up to health and monitoring, the Apple wearable is seen as something that easily fits into this niche and potentially open the door to additional revenue for the Cupertino company.

It all starts with the new clan of iPhones, much-awaited gadgets that many will be interested to see. Pricing will be a concern but for as long as they are justifiable through features, the demand for them is expected to remain.

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