iOS 12 Is Already Out And Most Don't Know It

iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, is expected to officially roll out soon although most of the features it will come with are already out in the open. The last beta version release of the mobile OS is pretty much stable, meaning the only thing expected is the iteration of the beta tag.

Hence, the things to expect for iPhone and iPad owners are right in front of them. This is with the assumption that users have tried out the beta releases from the Cupertino-based company. Though testing the unfinished iOS versions may be limited to those technically advanced, Apple device owners wary of the repercussions such as stability or bricked phones can skim through the Internet on the feedback for the said device.

One of the features that iPhone or iPad users will come across will be the new messaging features. This is with reference to the Memoji messaging, an animated version of emoji expected to further spice daily sending and receiving of messages, Cult of Mac said. But of course, there are a whole lot more features to look forward to.

Before detailing the features, it would be best to note that iOS 12 was designed to address its performance even on older devices. Apple has worked to come up with a faster mobile operating system compared to previous versions to ensure that mobile speed performance is not compromised.

As far as other features, most iPhones will now be able to use Siri shortcuts. This is a welcome addition since folks will now be able to perform different kinds of actions by simply uttering them by voice.

There is also improved privacy and security, a concern for most who are wary about hacking and proper management of passwords. With enhanced tracking prevention, this feature prevents share buttons and comment widgets on web pages from tracking users without the proper permissions as explained on

Augmented reality and enhanced FaceTime have also gotten a bump on iOS12. AR experiences can now be shared across time and real-world locations, allowing users to create artsy pieces that can be viewed later on by others at the same location. FaceTime, on the other hand, broadens the number of people who can chat in a group. Now, calls can be made with up to 32 participants simultaneously – a useful tool for business-related or friendly chats to keep everyone connected.

Other iOS 12 features to look forward to include Screen Time, improved notifications, improved Do Not Disturb mode, new featured photos with effect suggestions and improved camera modes. Be sure to check your Apple mobile device notifications with iOS 12 expected to roll out pretty soon.

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