‘PUBG’ Is the First Steam Game to Have a Million Concurrent Players for A Year and A Day

Xbox One players can now play the Sanhok Map on PUBG 1.0. (Photo: PUBG Corporation)

"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has been hailed as the first Steam game to have a million players simultaneously playing the game for a year and a day. That's right -- this battle royale game is still going strong even with many famous rivals around.

According to SteamDB, a tracking site that watches over the number of players on Steam on a given day, PUBG has recorded a minimum of one million players playing the game every single day from September 2017 to September 2018.

With this record number of concurrent players, PUBG has easily surpassed Valve's famous MOBA game "Dota 2," PCGamesN reported. What's unknown is if PUBG has also surpassed a rival battle royale game, "Fortnite." This is because SteamDB can only track games on Steam, and cannot track Fortnite as it runs on Epic Games' own launcher.

PUBG reached a peak of 3.2 million players in January this year but has since suffered from a steady decline in the number of concurrent players. It went slightly below the 1-million mark after 365 days. As of writing time, PUBG has more than 135,800 concurrent players and has peaked at slightly less than 960,000 for the past 24 hours.

Some players on the GameSpot forums say that PUBG is both peppered with positive and negative reviews. Some of them say that "hackers are still out in force" in the game, and it's a surprise to know that many still play the game.

Nevertheless, people still play it, and the numbers back the claims. PUBG itself is releasing some new updates packed with details and additions that new and seasoned players alike can enjoy.

For example, Update 21, which was released pretty recently, added a host of features to the game.

First, there's a new training mode where players can practice basic PUBG skills so they can play better and avoid being killed in-game within the first few seconds.

Second, there's a new gun, a new attachment, and a new vehicle that players can make use of.

Third, PUBG introduced a new rewards system that encourages players to enhance their in-game skills. Now, players will be more motivated to become happy campers for the first few minutes before going out to shoot them, enemies.

Fourth, a lot of bug fixes have been made, improving the game's overall experience.

Aside from the update, a new map has been leaked by data miners. This map allegedly named "Dihor Otok" is largely covered in snow and has features that snipers will enjoy.

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