Cheerleader Bravely Fights A Bully In Viral Video [WATCH]

Savannah Sprague pummeled another woman who dared her to a fight after she repeatedly refused.
Savannah Sprague pummeled another woman who dared her to a fight after she repeatedly refused. (Photo: martinwalk/Flickr)

A cheerleader bravely faced a bully in a viral video now spreading like wildfire online. The girl, named Savannah Sprague, a cheerleader member of the Ugly Eagles from Clayton Valley Charter High School in Concord, California pummeled another woman who dared her to a fight after she repeatedly refused.

According to Heavy, the bully, who remained to be unknown, challenged the cheerleader to a fight while seating around a table with other young people. In a video shared on Savannah's sister, Sierra Sprague, Twitter account, it showed how she managed to beat down a woman bigger than her size after the unidentified lady punched her face.

"So my little sister got in a fight tonight and I don't think I've ever been more proud," Sierra captioned the video. "With her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO."

At first, the bully could be heard challenging Savannah to a fight. "Do you want to fight?" the unidentified woman asked. Savannah, who was still wearing her cheerleader uniform at the time, refused her invite and said nobody wanted a fight.

Savannah went on to explain no one was speaking about them and they were not even talking to them to avoid the fight. However, the bully insisted and approached the cheerleader. She could even be heard asking the other woman to remove her finger from her face. So it was safe to assume the unknown woman pointed her fingers at her.

The bully continued to tease Savannah by asking her what she would do with her challenge. "I'm not going to fight, because I don't want to fight you," the cheerleader answered. So the unidentified girl pushed Savannah to her limit by pushing her from her seat, swinging, and hitting her.

It ignited the brawl to start as Savannah lunged back at her and hit her many times. The cheerleader also sucker-punched her, and a wild fight continued for a few seconds. The video showed they continuously wrestled and Savannah managed to get on top of her.

Other students could also be heard cheering the two's fight. The video ended as the bully stood up and moved away from the scene. Other youngsters at the event reacted and commended Savannah. One even said he loved "watching rumbles."

Meanwhile, reported Clayton Valley Charter High School's officials are yet to issue its official reaction about the brawl. Savannah and the Ugly Eagles' coach have yet to give its comment about the issue. The cheerleader, on the other hand, is said to "stay on the team and in no trouble," according to her sister.

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