'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jenna Cooper Faking Relationship With Jordan Kimball For Fame?

'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jenna Cooper Faking Relationship With Jordan Kimball For Fame?
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The moment Jenna Copper walked on the beach on the titular "Bachelor in Paradise," viewers could see how crazy Jordan Kimball was about her. And while she seemed to have made it a little bit convincing, it does appear that she was madly in love with him. But according to a new report, Jenna is reportedly faking the whole relationship.

According to Inquisitr, the news came from Gossip guru Reality Steve. He claims that he has verified inform, suggesting that Cooper's love for Kimball is nowhere near true. He took the revelation to Twitter, sharing that the finale and reunion on Tuesday were "REAL funny to watch."

He even insinuated that there was something juicy about a contestant who would soon reveal an interesting narrative. Reality Steve also noted that he would share details on Tuesday, and Bachelor fans were stalking his blog and Twitter page watching for updates.

As expected, fans got busy wondering who might be involved in this upcoming scoop, but Reality Steve did not immediately share any further hints or confirmations. Some wondered if it would be related to Robby Hayes - who popped up in Monday's finale - but the gossip king has never hesitated to dish out dirt on Robby when given a chance. The tweet made it sound as if it was someone more beloved by fans, or someone who usually is not associated with controversy or drama.

Come Tuesday, Reality Steve dropped a huge scoop and is related to Cooper. He insists that the scoop is based on the verified information; hence, it is legitimate. He even mentioned about some texts he got from a guy who has an intimate relationship with Cooper since summer. This is a surprise, considering she is currently engaged to beau Kimball.

It is further revealed that the man is all set to blast Jenna. The man reportedly connected with the latter during a business meeting that took place right before the official filming of the TV show. Soon after, they started an intimate relationship.

Reality Steve said that this guy shared the text messages between him and Jenna. It turns out, too, that the number is indeed from her.

Things got heated between Jenna and this guy this past Sunday night. This led to him being angry and, thus, decided to expose her. Although the guy remains unnamed, he mentioned about Jenna being a manipulator. She does not only use Jordan, but she is also known for using men to get attention and money.

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