South Korea Assures North Korea-US Relations Okay, Despite Cold Shoulder Treatment To Trump Administration

All signs point towards South and North Korea diplomatic relations-something that is unheard of before. The uneasy armistice has made sure of that. Now, the North and South's relationship is going as well as can be-just don't include the Trump administration in it.

Negotiations with North Korea have gone smoothly so far, giving hope to a reconciliation between countries not far off. However, NBC reports that the South Korea-North Korea situation does not reflect the situation between the North and the US. With all the hype generated by the visit of US president Donald Trump to the hermetic country, it seems that it's all for naught-what with the denuclearization talks all but ended with no positive results.

This happened after the Trump administration condemned what it pointed out was a low-ball move from the North. While it said it was committed to reaching out and finally ending nuclear development, the North's efforts-as far as the Trump administration is concerned-have been half-hearted. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did say he was still committed to seeing denuclearization through, but a second meeting has yet to happen between the two sides.

This time, South Korea has decided to play the negotiator.

South Korean president Moon Jae-in, hours after meeting the North Korean leader, said that a meeting between the US and North Korea wasn't far-fetched. In fact, he said that Kim made his intentions clear during the meeting between the two Koreas.

Another NBC report cited Trump declaring that there's still "a lot of goodwill" left between North Korea and the US. In a tweet, he lauded 'productive' talks happening between the two countries. Trump did previously point out North Korea for duplicity, but South Korea reiterated that the two sides will go back to the table because they "know what they want from each other."

Talks between the US and North Korea aside, diplomatic meetings between the North and the South have gone as smoothly as they should. As far as promises go, it appears North Korea has a more active approach to the request by South Korea-for lasting peace-than that of Washington, which calls for total denuclearization and the effective scrapping of North Korea's nuclear research, which is directed toward weaponizing plutonium.

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