Apple Watch Series 4 Breaks Ground with EKG, Large Screen, Fall Detection

A demonstration of the newly released Apple products is seen following the product launch event in Cupertino (Photo: REUTERS)

Apple's newest smartwatch will make hearts beat faster, measure them, and allow users to share the info with their doctor.

Apple revealed the Apple Watch Series 4 recently, showing that it's possible to have more than just a watch and fitness tracker slapped to our wrists. This is because the famous smartwatch has new features and a function that's more than just a series-first.

The smartwatch, which Apple unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater located in its Apple Park headquarters, now has a 30 percent larger screen, a Fall Detector, and a built-in Electrocardiogram, CNet reported. These major features are joined by a host of other upgrades and enhancements from the previous iterations.

Like how smartphones have taught us, larger screen sizes doesn't automatically mean larger-sized bodies. The Series 4 has the same body size as that of its older brother, the Apple Watch Series 3, but it does have a larger screen at either a 40mm or 44mm (the previous models had either 38mm or 42mm).

Apple made sure to maximize the use of this larger watch face. A new face, for example, can now display up to eight shortcuts. The wider screen also allows for larger animations.

The Series 4, with a Fall Detection feature, is now able to detect if a wearer is falling down and then initiate some helpful actions like prompting a call to emergency services. This will appeal to those who have older family members, such as grandparents, who live alone or are always left alone at home when other family members are out for work or school.

Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams said that while they really wouldn't want people to have need of such a feature, it will be very comforting to know that such a feature is included in the new smartwatch.

What's most interesting about the Series 4 is that it has its own EKG. Many smartwatches are able to check for heart beats per minute and other things, but no other smartwatch has ever allowed its users to give themselves an electrocardiogram, then share the information they receive with their doctors.

Truly, this is groundbreaking.

Moreover, Apple went as far as getting the EKG certified by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration. This means the Series 4 Apple Watch is a medical device that can be purchased over-the-counter -- at the nearest Apple Store.

Unlike traditional methods that conduct tests in clinical settings, the Apple Watch Series 4 allows users to check their own condition in real-time, without having to set an appointment with a doctor. After using the EKG, the data is encrypted and stored as a PDF file that can be shared with doctors.

Aside from these, the Apple Watch Series 4 boasts of other upgraded features such as a faster processor, stronger speakers, long 6-hour outdoor workout time, and 18 hours of battery life.
The Apple Watch Series 4's price starts at $399.

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