China Still the Major Global Silver Market

Silver mine.
Workers are seen at the Escobal Silver Mine, mine unit of Tahoe Resources Inc., in the town of San Rafael las Flores, Guatemala August 14, 2017. Picture taken August 14, 2017. (Photo: REUTERS/Luis Echeverria)

China's industrial demand and its silver mining activities put China at the top as the world's biggest supplier of silver in the market. The silver institute reported that the country will continuously play its role as a major driver in the international silver market in the succeeding years.

According to the reports, China is still the largest consumer of silver all over the world. It was accounted they have that 18% of the global fabrication demand in the previous years. It was also reported that the country is a major importer of silver products fabricated in the US, Japan, and other countries to meet its large demand needs.

China was also reported to have the third largest silver production globally and it as a major player in terms of producing primary raw materials to be distributed globally.

The institute published a new report entitled "Prospects for the Chinese Silver Market". The report examined the countries important industrial uses including businesses in the bullion trade, jewelry, and its silverware demand.

The publication was released on Wednesday during the seventeenth China International Silver Conference in Shenzhen, China wherein the Silver Institute was the host. A big-time precious metal consultancy in London, Metal Focus, researched and produced the report.

It was written in the reports that the country's use of silver for solar industries have significantly increased in the previous years to an estimated value of 65-million ounces in 2017. 4according to the report. More than 70% of global solar panel manufacturing originated in China and the country's local powder fabrications have satisfied only a small part of the whole powder and manufacturing demand and it relies on imports of silver to reach the companies' requirements.

According to the reports, the long-term rise is expected to continue in 2019 even though changes in policies will see noticeable declines this year. The increase will be assisted by sizable local installations and strong exports.

The reports also noted that growth across a range of end-use applications will continuously increase the demand for silver as it analyses electronic and electrical demand. According to the report, significant areas of growth included touch panels, light emitting diodes, and equipment used in producing electricity. It was estimated in the report that the country's demand for silver for electronic and electrical uses are predicted around 78-million ounces in 2017 and it is forecasted to continuously grow this year.

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