Apple to Release iOS 12 on September 17

iPhone X
iOS 12 has a specific feature limited to the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR. (Photo: Aaron Yoo/Flickr)

Apple is releasing iOS 12 on September 17, and those who have compatible Apple devices should not hesitate to download it when it comes.

Apple's latest iOS is more than just a new version. It's basically designed to improve the performance of older Apple devices, Tech Crunch reported. The tech giant has designed iOS 12 to support all existing iOS 11 devices, improve the performance of certain apps and functions, and add new features that will greatly improve user experience.

Back then, iPhone users used to hesitate updating to a newer iOS version because it would always feel like the newer version is slower than the older one. With the iOS 12, Apple is changing that.

Updating to iOS 12 should now result in faster keyboard- and app-loading times, improved camera trigger responses, and other things. Standard apps such as News, Photos, and Apple Books (formerly iBooks) have also improved.

With iOS 12, Apple is introducing a host of new features and upgrades too.

First, there's a new Screen Time feature. Designed to help people take control of their time, it's an app that monitors how much time a user spends on any given app: whether it's time spent scrolling down scanning posts, or hours given to the internet, this feature monitors it.

The Screen Time feature will be helpful to parents as well, ZDNet notes. It can help parents monitor their child's smartphone usage, choose what apps they will allow their children to use, and set the times when the device can be used.

Second, users can now program Siri to carry out a series of tasks, making her closer to a real-life virtual assistant. Using the new Shortcuts app (which is basically the Workflow app designed to work with Siri), users can program Siri to do tasks such as ordering coffee while on the way home, locking or unlocking the front door, turning lamps on, and playing some music.

Just don't expect Siri to take out the trash yet.

Third, Apple is introducing Memoji on iOS 12, but this is limited to the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Memoji allows users to create life-like cartoon avatars to be used in Messages or FaceTime.

Apple also added other features to iOS 12. Now, Do Not Disturb can be turned on temporarily for an hour or so when attending a meeting or function, notifications are now grouped and can be blocked or silenced with just a swipe, and Developers will find a new file format for augmented reality applications in ARKit 2.0.

Excited? iOS 12 will be available for free starting September 17.

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