Trump Plays Unlikely Uniter For Traditional Allies Russia And China

If Trump's policies seem to divide rather than unite the US, it's doing the exact same opposite in the case of China and Russia. The two friendly countries, already likely allies, are about to get closer as both are being imposed upon by the United States with various sanctions and damaging tariffs.

The US has imposed its tariffs on Chinese goods, and it has slowly been pushing China to look for allies. Who else would the country turn to than its closest, truest friend? Russia has long been an ally of the Chinese, and it has been traditionally at odds with the US. While it has enjoyed a warmer relationship with the US, it is now considering helping the Chinese in its dilemma.

CNBC notes that Russia and the US are at odds because of what happened in the elections. Investigations are underway to determine whether Trump really had Russian help in winning the last presidential elections. Trump says otherwise, but this has pushed investigations painting Moscow in a bad light-something that doesn't sit well with Russia.

This has the unexpected effect of pushing Sino-Russian relations into a 'new era,' says Zhang Hanhui, China's assistant foreign minister. He added that this will also usher in an unprecedented age, where bilateral relations will translate into the higher-level development of key issues and deals.

The evidence of these ties has been seen for quite some time. China and Russia have highlighted key issues that affect their countries while holding fast to UN resolutions and charters; they've also held naval drills in the Baltic Sea last year. It was also reported by Express UK that military drills are underway, with the Chinese set to send 3,200 troops along with 900 pieces of military hardware in what would be a large-scale, bilateral military exercise.

This has been closely viewed by some countries. In China, the closer relations have been praised, and it had been reported that this would be for the mutual benefit of the countries. In terms of civil and military infrastructure, China and Russia would develop an influence hard to ignore.

Other analysts, like professor Stephen Nagy of Tokyo's International Christian University, sees this as a warning to the US. It is a message that China has allies and that Russia could step in at any time, and overtake the US as a 'powerful option.'

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