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(Photo: Jason Rogers/Flickr)

Aside from the unveiling of the latest iPhones, the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR, Apple also announced the release date of their latest macOS, Mojave.

Apple's  latest macOS, version 10.14, launches just a week after iOS 12 is released. Mojave, named after a well-known desert, has been in public beta for quite some time now and will finally roll out on September 24th, The Verge reported. It has a host of features that will certainly enhance the Mac experience.

Mojave features a new "dark mode" that turns everything on the screen -- including menu bars, dock, taskbar, app windows, and wallpapers -- into a darker gray, perfect for when working or doing something at night or in dark rooms. This feature, which is highly requested by a lot of users, will help those with sensitive eyes or those who tend to work while everyone's asleep.

Aside from dark mode, Mojave also features dynamic desktops, Mashable reported. This feature adjusts the display's brightness to match the time of day. Finally, users won't have to be surprised to know that they spent all day in front of the screen, only to find out that it's already night time.

Aside from the visual comfort, Mojave also allow users to work on different tasks faster than ever.

Need help organizing files? Mojave will help users organize their files via the Stacks feature. This nifty feature allows users to quickly organize desktop clutter by putting files of the same type in groups. Desktop clutter too stressful to fix and organize? Stacks will fix it for you faster than you can say "thank you Apple for macOS Mojave."

Badly need a file but can't seem to find it? Finder now displays complete file metadata in the preview pane. Realized that file needs some editing but don't have time to open the right application? Editing files can now be done in quicker fashion too. Simply highlight the file, then hit the spacebar. Doing this allows users to quickly view and edit the file, without opening the file's corresponding application.

Need to take screenshots quickly? Mojave now offers more options for times screenshots are needed. Want to make a video quickly? Recording video doesn't need Quicktime or another screen recording app anymore; Mojave has that covered, too.

One last thing about photos. Ever struggled with transferring photos from a smartphone to a computer? The new Continuity Camera Feature that comes with macOS Mojave allows users to take photos with an iPhone, then instantaneously transfer it to the Mac or Macbook in less time than it takes most users to find a USB or lightning cord.

macOS Mojave has other features, but these are enough to get people to want to download it when it launches on September 24th.