Lexus ES to Boast 'World's First' Digital Camera in Place of Sideview Mirrors

Lexus ES
Lexus ES (Photo: Flick/AbdllahAIBargan)

Lexus has not been in the list of top technology-driven automakers for a long time now. But not it seems that the company is opting to change the mode and redefine itself as tech geek in terms of its vehicles. The first instance to be refreshed in this manner is its elementary Lexus ES. The seventh edition of the car is set to get a revamp with a revolutionary Digital Outer Mirrors.

According to RoadShow by Cnet, the company claimed that the mirror will be "world first" advancement to be seen over Lexus ES. However, car analysts stated Audi and Volkswagen teased this incredible technology way before Lexus with their E-Tron SUV and XL1 concepts respectively. Although, it didn't appear on road in reality. Lexus ES will be the first-ever vehicle to utilize this concept for its buyers.

Jalopnik stated that the new Lexus ES will hold a pair of cameras in place of its wing mirrors which are used for keeping up with the side view while driving. Both the cameras will transmit the images onto five-inch display monitors which will be located at the base of the A-pillars. The cameras will be sharp to capture rear views and won't be blocked by any obstacles like rain or snow. The placement of lenses will be made in such a manner that it won't obscure the drivers in any way.

An official briefing briefed about the Digital Outer Mirrors: "the system automatically enhances the corresponding area-left, right or behind-when the turn signals are activated, or when the transmission is put into reverse. The view of areas around the car can be manually enhanced by the driver to obtain complete peripheral awareness of the area around the vehicle."

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' publication, however, noted in support for the essential mandate of a rear view backup camera in every vehicle to avoid the chances of accidents. It stated that the real challenge is to "determine where to place the display in the vehicle so that there's a seamless transition from driving a vehicle with a display and then without it." Lexus ES is expected to answer these concerns as a potential player.

However, Americans may not get the taste of this technology soon as Lexus said that the new ES, alongside its rear-view mirror camera technology, has stuck into the traditional regulations of the US. It will make its first appearance in Japan only.   

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