4 Simple Tips To Plan The Perfect Getaway With Friends For The Ultimate #SquadGoals

Traveling in groups may be hard but it can double the fun.
Traveling in groups may be hard but it can double the fun. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Traveling in groups may be hard, but it can double the fun. With proper planning and organizing, you can fully enjoy going on a vacation with your friends. So here are some tips on how to arrange a perfect getaway for that ultimate #squadgoals.

Thoroughly Plan Everything

Ashley Yue, a traveler, added thoroughly planning a trip beforehand and sticking to it is a big help when traveling in groups. This way, they can avoid having disputes that can potentially ruin their getaway.

Yue explained it is hard to avoid little arguments and disagreements at times where everyone wants to go, what to do, and where to eat. So the best way to prevent this from happening is to talk about even the small details of traveling before they go on with the trip.

Pick a Leader

According to Kopitiam Bot, WeTravel co-founder Zaky Prabowo advised group travelers to pick a leader that will guide them through everything. The person in charge will be the one responsible for preparing everything they need and coordinating everyone.

However, if there are a lot of tasks on hand, the group has to pick a couple of leaders to make the work lighter. "It's best to appoint someone, even just to be the go-to person, who knows how the planning is progressing and what needs to be done next," he said.

Prepare the Budget

The most important part of traveling is the budget. Budgeting while traveling in a group is a little harder as everyone's means varies, per Hostelworld. So the best thing to do is to find common ground.

Allotting the proper budget before traveling can save your group from having issues while on a trip. The leader needs to know how much budget a member can spend so he/she can financially plan their tour based on the money they are holding. You can also create a separate budget of your own in case of needs. 

Create an Itinerary

Everyone in the group may have different preferences on which place they want to visit. So it is important to create an itinerary to know what everyone wants to do and where to go.

The leader can ask his/her group about the things they want to try, places they want to see, and the food they want to taste. This way, everyone can enjoy their adventures and see what they want to see to tick off something from their bucket list.

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