Demi Lovato Allegedly Sees Mac Miller's Death As Wakeup Call; Feels Lucky She's Alive

 Demi Lovato feels like Mac Miller died, so she could live.
Demi Lovato feels like Mac Miller died, so she could live. (Photo: jenniferlinneaphotography/Flickr)

Demi Lovato saw Mac Miller's death as a wakeup call after her near-fatal overdose. The 26-year-old star felt like she was lucky to be alive after what she went through.

"Demi knows she's lucky to be alive," a source told Life & Style magazine. Lovato is not taking her rehabilitation lightly now as she wants to prove her family and friends she will not let her second chance in life go to waste.

Aside from checking in into a rehab, Lovato is also seeing a psychiatrist, who is an expert in mental health and sobriety, in Chicago. The "Camp Rock" superstar is trying to remove all the negativities from her life now that she is healing herself. She is also selling her Hollywood Hills home, where the overdosing happened, as the thought of returning to this place is making her cringe.

Although Lovato still has a long way to go to recover, she is now looking forward to starting this new chapter in her life. She is also thankful for all the love and support she has been receiving that is making her feel she is not alone.

Meanwhile, Lovato saw Mac Miller's death as a wakeup call after she suffered a near-fatal overdose. The "échame la Culpa" hitmaker was surprised when she learned the tragic death of Ariana Grande's former boyfriend.

Allegedly, Lovato got shaken when she heard of the news that Miller died due to substance abuse. "Demi has been rocked by Mac Miller's death," s source told Hollywood Life.

Lovato felt like she was the one who could have died if she did not heal from the overdose. The "Glee" star was said to be crying and trying her best to fight back her tears after she checked into rehab and heard of Miller's passing. It reportedly made her realized that "things are more real."

The insider went on to say even if Lovato was never close to Miller; she would like to visit his funeral to pay her final respect. However, it would only be possible if the rehab allowed her to go.

Lovato is now doing her best to stay sober. Although Miller's death is sad news, she strongly thinks his demise teaches her a thing or two. The source said she could learn from Miller's experience where she can draw strength. In fact, she feels like he died, so she can live.

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