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iPhone with apps (Photo: Twitter)

For those hoping to get iPhone Xs camera capabilities for a lower price with the iPhone XR, there's something that needs to be known: the iPhone XR camera's portrait mode won't work on non-human objects.

The iPhone XR seems like a $200-wiser choice for consumers looking to get new Apple tech without the sky-high Apple price range. For those who love using portrait mode for photos other than human faces, however, it won't work as much as many had hoped, CultOfMac reports.

According to Techpinions founder Ben Bajarin, the iPhone XR's portrait mode "only works on humans." In a tweet, Bajarin explained that this is because Apple used a single camera system for the iPhone XR, compared to the dual camera setup of its more expensive siblings, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

This might be some sort of a letdown for many Apple fans. One, Google's Pixel 2 smartphone -- apparently one of the Cupertino tech giant smartphone's rivals -- does portrait well, even with just a single camera setup.

Two, the iPhone XR isn't really as cheap as other rival smartphones at the moment. The Google Pixel 2, which does portrait on a single camera setup, is priced lower than the iPhone XR at $649. That's $100 less.

Three, the iPhone XR might have been marketed as a lower-priced equal to the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, but they're not entirely equal. Aside from the fact that the XR can't do portrait like its siblings can, it also has a host of other features that are entirely different, like a 6.1-inch liquid retina display (the other two use super retina displays).

Sure, fans may think that the iPhone XR is a bummer, but no. Apple says its features are still worth the money spent on it.

First, it is powered by an A12 Bionic chip, the same used in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Boasting of a next-generation Neural Engine, this chip gives the iPhone top-notch performance.

Second, it has faster Face ID recognition. This secure feature now works faster than ever, bringing with it a host of benefits.

Third, it boasts of IP67 protection against spills and drops, making sure that the iPhone will last longer than users want to. The aerospace-grade aluminum and glass enclosure doesn't just look good; it's durable too.

Lastly, the iPhone XR is the most colorful smartphone model Apple released yet, coming in six different colors to suit any consumer's personality and preferences. Those who purchase an iPhone XR should know that some of the proceeds from this variant will be donated to Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants.