Nicole Kidman is Not Rescuing Connor Cruise From Scientology Despite Report

Nicole Kidman is Not Rescuing Connor Cruise From Scientology Despite Report
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Like any mom, Nicole Kidman will do everything she can for her son Connor Cruise. But as far as her saving the kid from Scientology, it seems farfetched.

Connor, who is Kidman and Tom Cruise's adopted son, is currently living in Clearwater, Florida, where he works as a deckhand for a living. His home is near the very headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

The 23- year-old reportedly gave up his DJ-ing career to settle in the town where his father owns a home. In a claim courtesy of New Idea, Kidman fears the worst for Connor, as she thinks he is getting more involved with the infamous church.

The magazine boasts a supposed "close friend" of the titular actress and is quoted saying, "Nicole is tearing her hair out with worry. She is incredibly concerned Connor is being punished for his wild partying and committing crimes in the church's eyes." The outlet's unreliable source further claims that the Hollywood star understands how Scientology works; hence, she is quite worried her son will not be able to cope up with all the "strict Scientology sanctions and rules."

The alleged tipster goes on to suggest that Kidman does not want to the church to "dig its claws" into her son. She also does not want him to follow Cruise's footsteps. "She plans to do everything in her power to rescue him," the supposed source says.

Gossip Cop, on the other hand, checked the premise with the actress' spokesperson, who, in turn, confirmed that the narrative is fabricated. It is true that there is a certain kind of mystery surrounding Kidman and her relationship with her adopted kids. But as far as the story of her rescuing Connor from Scientology, it is a total bust.

It should be noted that the also came up with some very similar premises in the past. Back in 2014, the tabloid claimed that Connor tried to reach out to Kidman, so he can ask her to help get him out of Scientology church. Given the fact that he decided to live near the church's area, it did not make sense for him to call for help. It only means that the kid is dedicated to the religion on his own accord, contrary to what the tabloid suggested.

Shortly before that, Gossip Cop also busted the story that claimed Kidman and Cruise to be battling over Connor's health. It was said that the actress got worried about their son becoming a little bit "pudgy," but her estranged husband refused to give him nutrition tips because "Scientology's parenting ethos suggests parents treat kids like grown-ups." As expected the absurd narrative has no ounce of truth, and the same thing can be said for the latest one. 

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