Spotify Users Can Now Download 10,000 Songs Per Device

How to use spotify to create a playlist
How to use spotify to create a playlist (Photo: Flickr/mormondancer)

Music app Spotify is already famous among the music lovers of the globe. The app already holds nearly half a billion songs of different taste. However, a huge number of users of the app had the same issue reported for a long time that Spotify had lesser options for the songs to be downloaded. The company now stated that it has now added a revamped range of songs with the downloadable option for them.   

According to Pitchfork, a spokesperson from Spotify confirmed this insight recently. He said: "At Spotify, we're always working on improving the experience for our users. We can now confirm that we have increased the number of offline tracks per device-from 3,333 on 3 devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices." He further stated that this advancement will be rolled out to Spotify as an all-new update to the app.

NME also noted that this extension of 10,000 tracks from the earlier base of 3,333 downloadable songs per device will be complemented with another extended range of songs added in the playlist. The report also suggested that the company would originally add up almost 50,000 new songs which will be available for download. The addition would be meant for its platforms available in five devices. The users will be allowed to download the songs and listen to them offline as per their own convenience.  

Spotify's previous offering restricted its premium users to a limit of 3333 tracks for downloading and offline listening on three different devices. This restriction caused a wide range of disappointments among the listeners, which were seen outbursting in different social media platforms. Spotify has been widely praised among the users for its varied range of tracks. It holds a wide catalogue of more than 35 million songs with no listening limit. However, if a user chooses to save artists, albums or tracks then those are added to a personal collection mode called 'Your Music.'

A  superlative number of users of the app jointly voted for the restrictions to be decreased and the number of downloadable songs to be increased, back in 2014. But, at that time, Spotify authorities refused to listen to audiences request and kept the limit to 3,333 songs to listen offline per device. With the new update, it seems that their request finally came to reality after about 3 and a half year. The update will be available soon on all Spotify platforms.

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