Prince William Does a ‘Prince Phillip’ In Confusing Mix-Up

The Royals have something in common-a mix-up between food.

In a light-hearted moment, Britain's Prince William proved he is a bit like his grandfather, Prince Phillip, after all. At a Japan House meeting, the prince was served Japanese food. When he began feasting on it, he mistook it for Chinese food, laughing even as he talked to school students in London.

The public appearance was a routine op as the Japan House cultural center was located in London's Kensington, only a few miles away from the Buckingham Palace. CNN reports the prince had a good time at the op, laughing and chatting with the aforementioned students who were learning to use chopsticks to eat.

The gaffe happened when the Prince, in an attempt to warm-up to the students, confidently asked them if they've had 'much Chinese food.' Not realizing his mistake, the prince was met with awkward silence afterward. He did realize what he said moments later after he offered the quick apology and said that he meant to say 'Japanese food.'

During the tour, he was accompanied by Japanese deputy prime minister Taro Aso. He also met with the design team of Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kabayashi, who also happened to be married to each other. The couple met at university. When he heard about this, the prince was quick to offer his insight, saying that he and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, also met at university.

It was all smiles and cheers as the prince-also the Duke of Cambridge-enjoyed sake rice wine in the morning, and salmon sashimi, prepared by no less than acclaimed chef Akira Shimizu. The Evening Standard also added that he shared that he and his wife 'love sushi' and that they would love to come by at the Japan House again-perhaps when there are fewer people around.

This marked the second time in six weeks-a quite frequent occurrence-that a representative had mixed-up China and Japan. Britain had been a rival of Japan since the country tried to take over a huge part of China, and remained in a minor feud of sorts over some territories.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt did the exact same thing only recently. He visited Beijing in July and, in an effort to connect, said that his wife was Japanese-only remembering to correct moments later that his wife was, indeed, Chinese.

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