Niantic Allows ‘Pokémon Go’ Players to Suggest New PokéStops

Pokemon GO
Niantic Lab's augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO remains one of the most popular gaming app in its category. (Photo: SteamXO/Flickr)

"Pokémon Go" players will soon be doing more than just find and catch Pokémon as Niantic rolls out a brand new game feature: the PokéStop nomination feature.

Niantic is now allowing Pokémon Go players to suggest possible PokéStops, Ars Technica reported. This means players -- especially those who have successfully caught all Pokémon in the game -- will finally have something more challenging and worthwhile to do: suggest new PokéStops players can go to.

Excited? Hold your Rapidashes. The PokéStop nomination feature is still in beta at the moment, and is available only to players in Brazil and South Korea. Players who live in those places also have to reach level 40 before being allowed to suggest places.

Suggestions are also limited to seven locations per week, which roughly translates to one location per day if the game is played every day. And just because a player lives in the beta locations and is level 40 doesn't mean any location can be accepted; Niantic has some rules that players should follow.

Niantic says nominations should be of high quality, are highly accessible, and must pass their criteria. Such locations include: those with a cool story, a place in history or educational value; those that feature interesting art pieces or unique architecture such as statues; a hidden gem or a place famous among locals; public parks, libraries, and major transit stations; and public places of worship.

Got an idea? Before submitting those nominations, Niantic says they shouldn't be: unsafe and difficult to access; located in a private property; child care centers or primary and secondary schools; a police station, fire station, or hospital; temporary or movable such as seasonal displays; and must not be natural features that are difficult and dangerous to access, like waterfalls (though man-made points of interest such as informational signs are great).

Lastly, Niantic emphasizes that adult-oriented stores, services or locations such as liquor stores, pornography stores, and firearm stores, are not eligible. These won't be accepted.

Full details for the PokéStop nomination feature can be found here and here.

For those who reached level 40 and have completed their Pokédex by catching all Pokémon, this will be a worthwhile thing to do in-game. Time to go out on a walk once more, this time looking for great places to nominate as PokéStops.

Niantic says they are trying this new feature out before rolling it out into the whole world. This new feature will be perfect for those living far away from PokéStops, as they can nominate a nearby spot that might serve as the newest location where fellow Pokémon trainers will go to.

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