Overwatch Has a New Demon Hunter Skin for Sombra

(Photo: Overwatch)

Fans of Sombra from Blizzard's famous shooting game "Overwatch" will be happy to know that a new legendary skin is now available for purchase. Sadly, the purchase won't be as cheap as fans would hope it would be.

Following a recent discovery posted in Reddit, Blizzard announced that Sombra will get the new Demon Hunter skin taken from another Blizzard title, "Diablo III," GameRant reported. The shocking news, however, is not that there's a new skin, but there's only one way to get it as of now:

Purchase a BlizzCon 2018 Virtual ticket.

The skin, a legendary-tier skin that was supposed to be a surprise reveal, clothes Sombra with a highly-detailed armor, arms her with a crossbow-looking SMG, and makes her eyes glow. Overwatch community HeroesNeverDie simply describes the new skin as "absolutely fantastic" and a "perfect combo" for the Overwatch character.

Unlike other skins, Sombra's Demon Hunter skin can't be unlocked via a loot box, and it can't be acquired using in-game currency. Acquiring the skin right now, however, isn't that difficult; it just costs much.

Players who want the Demon Hunter skin need to go to the Blizzard Shop and purchase a BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket for $49.99. This amount might be too much for just one skin -- in fact, it costs a lot higher than the full game itself. Thankfully, players will get more than just an in-game skin for that price.

The Virtual ticket is, virtually, the only way players and Blizzard fans have to be able to watch BlizzCon right at home. Those who purchase the ticket will have access to everything BlizzCon, including developer panels, Community Night contests, and epic closing festivities.

Ticket owners will also receive a lot of in-game goodies for several titles not limited to Overwatch. Ticket owners will get goodies for "World of Warcraft," "StarCraft II," "Hearthstone," "Heroes of the Storm," and Diablo III.

Those who purchase tickets will get all these goodies, but those who don't will still get these in-game items as they will become available on or before BlizzCon. This means those who didn't buy a ticket to get Demon Hunter Sombra can still get the skin during BlizzCon 2018.

Aside from these goodies, those who purchase tickets will be able to watch BlizzCon events like developer discussions via replay on-demand. While the Community Night and closing festivities replays are available only up to at least one month after the event date, most replays will be available until March 31, 2019.

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