iPhone XR Comes With Just Enough Features on a Budget

Even before Apple lifted the covers on their new clan of iPhones, most were apprehensive mostly because of the anticipated roof-hitting prices. When they were unveiled, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were unsurprisingly expensive as most had expected. However, the good news is that there is a cheaper alternative in the iPhone XR.

Being the entry-level and budget-friendly iPhone of the mix, there are some features left off. This included an LCD display with lower screen display resolution (1729x828 236 PPI compared to the iPhone XS OLED 2436x1125 resolution 458 PPI), a rear camera without telephoto lenses, lower IP rating, lower LTE class, no HDR display, and no 3D touch feature, Mac Rumors said.

Depending on the expectations of a buyer, much of these may not matter. There are iPhone users who prefer to get a device that can merely perform the basics (i.e. voice calls, text messaging, internet browsing, simple photo and/or video capture) while others want the works.

Of the features detailed, folks who plan to get the iPhone XR will remain in the old LCD display era. For some that may not matter even if most phones have shifted to the OLED display age. Given these differences, would the iPhone XR priced starting at $749 be worth it?

Pricing is critical in the market and the demand may unsurprisingly be more on the iPhone XR than the iPhone XS. A $250 savings is huge as it is with most opting to wait for price drops on the higher-end models. Similar to past models, Apple is expected to lower the price at some point. This could happen if the demand does not pan up to expectations or once Apple is ready to unveil its new installment, meaning a long wait since this may happen in 2019 at the earliest.

Assuming this is the trend, potential iPhone XR buyers may have to wait a bit to get their hands on one. The device is not expected to be available until October, The Verge said. For those who followed the release pattern of the iPhone 8, most will note that the Cupertino company reversed the trend at least for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

However, the scenarios are different. The reason behind the affordable iPhone 8 coming out first was due to OLED display issues. Now, these are readily available with LG onboard as Apple’s second supplier, the Korea Herald said.

Also could also be testing just how eager iPhone loyalists are by first offering the high-end models. So now, it may be a test of patience to see if techies are willing to wait (for at least a month) before getting their hands on the latest flagship models from Apple.

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