Apple iOS 12 Set To Make Life Easier For iPhone, iPad Owners

iOS 12, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, is expected to be released soon with most already aware of what to expect. With the last iOS 12 Developer Beta hardly showing any kinks, it is evident that most have already caught a glimpse of what to expect.

As mentioned in a previous post, the last beta release pretty much bares it all for the upcoming iOS 12. Among the new features include the introduction of Memoji messaging, a new way to perk up standard sending and receiving of messages with an animated twist. But of course, there are more to look forward to.

iPhone performance is a prime concern and the iOS 12 reportedly has that covered. It is set to bring faster speeds and functional improvements covering both old and new iPhones and iPads, the Star said.

Siri has also gotten a boost this time around. Designed to make life easier for mobile phone users, iOS 12 now comes with a smarter Siri. This includes adding more prompts and helping people with their usual tasks such as dictating a message to friends or immediately making birthday phone calls and other special occasions as set by the Apple device holder.

In terms of being more organized, folks who frequently take photos will now have an easier time locating important photos through better sorting. This is largely due to the newly improved search ability that organizes photos by place, time and person.

Handling notifications have also been a bane to some who want only to be prompted when needed. They are now easier to handle on iOS 12 with notifications being grouped according to apps. With the proper assignments and tweaks, Apple device owners will no longer be bothered by useless prompts when on the go.

People who are struggling to stay away from their phones stand to benefit from iOS 12 with the easier muting of their device. The new iOS 12 operating system, which will also run on older iPhone models dating back to 2013, enables users to mute their phones more quickly, for example during dinner, at the cinema or at night.

These and more feature should be something to look forward to for both iPhone and iPad owners. Hence, it would be best to prepare for the big update. Although it is likely to come as an automatic update, it would still be best to backup current data as a precautionary measure.

Most devices that run on iOS 11 are compatible with iOS 12. A complete list of the iPhone, iPad and iPod models can be found here.

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