Swine Flu Sweeps Across China But Chinese Farmers Remain Unfazed

The government of China is not underestimating the effects of swine flu in China, saying that it could be 'very complex and challenging' to maintain. Its farmers, the day-to-day variety, say otherwise; while it is indeed a challenge, it is one that they could possibly win.

The country's agriculture ministry met with concerned agencies tasked to monitor and contain the spread of the flu. The reports that came in weren't met with much positivity, Reuters reports. Small farms in China have largely been the unfortunate victims of the swine flu, an African strain, which had been breaking out all across mainland China since the early weeks of August.

The situation is dire indeed. More outbreaks have been reported since then, and two new outbreaks have been the recorded-one case was caught in the Inner Mongolia region, while the other happened in the Henan province. The outbreak has since been reported as one that could severely affect the swine populations in these provinces.

If the farmers themselves are to be asked, however, they do not see any problems with the fever 'thing.' A farmer, Wang Wu, was recorded as saying that the news was 'fake' and that, for most of his neighbors, it was only a 'rumor,' hence the need to panic was not there.

This is the problem China is combating; misinformation and the lack of accurate ones thereof. Beijing is already trying to win the battle, but being informed is one of the keys to winning the war. If the farmers are already judging the news as hearsay, Straits Times reports, then China may have a long battle ahead of them.

The disease has since been monitored closely. With the lack of vaccines for the herds of hog-and humans as the well-the government is bracing for any eventualities. Mortality rates could hike as much as perfect rates-100 percent. If it reaches those levels, the chance of human contamination may be a matter of 'when' and not 'if.'

China has since tried to control the damage by making sure all concerned agencies and departments are on top of the situation. The African swine fever must be recognized by everyone-from the lowly farmer to those involved in big business pig farms-as a real thing. Only then will the containment efforts begin to show results and the battle begin.

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