Smartphones Can Run On a 5G Network Soon

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Lilac Purple
SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Lilac Purple (Photo: Aaron Yoo/Flickr)

Avid followers of 5G won't have to wait long as finally, it will make a proper debut next year according to recent reports.

This only means 5G smartphones will be at your doorsteps soon. BGR revealed how they're hoping the outcome will definitely be real smartphones and not just tablets that we are considering as phones. The frequent demand is to have the smartphone running on a real mobile 5G networks, where the subscribers can sign up.

According to the abovementioned source, 5G promises a higher capacity and faster speed. The networks have been anticipating for its arrival as well because a more stable and consistent performance is expected. However, Gordon Mansfield, the VP of AT&T radio networks and device design, said the arrival of 5G smartphones may lead to unintended consequences for a period of time.

As for the PC Mag, Mansfield said 5G's unique demands will mean that 5G smartphones will not be initially transferrable between networks. Therefore, this only tells us one thing: the carrier devices are back for the consumers. Moreover, the disadvantage will come courtesy to 5G's latest fragmented state.

Smartphones hardware won't be advanced enough to easily accommodate the frequency for the carriers simultaneously. Mansfield emphasized how this is not about having no desire and not wanting anything to do about it.

"It is just that nobody has figured out how to cram the 28GHz 5G that Verizon and T-Mobile are using, and AT&T's 39GHz 5G, into one box yet. And while T-Mobile and Verizon are using similar 28GHz bands, T-Mobile is also putting 5G on the 600MHz band, which Verizon is not," he explained.

Mentioned above is the bad news, and the good news is Mansfield thinks the issue will be resolved sometime in the future. He believes things are going to be quick to overcome as an industry. Introduction of sole proprietorship from the millimeter wave point of view will last for a time.

At the end of the day, the main question is when 5G is going to be until 5G will be standardized and ubiquitous as 4G LTE. The aforementioned source revealed Verizon is set to roll out the very first commercial of 5G service next month in some cities. Unfortunately, this stopgap is only for a short time. Verizon will use the 5G's proprietary version must change the all the equipment for the standardized versions in a particular time.

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