iOS 12 is Here, and Here are Some New Things it Brings

iPhone X
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The latest iOS version, iOS 12, is here and it brings several new features that longtime and new iPhone (and iPad) users will surely enjoy.

Finally, Apple's latest mobile OS is out and can be downloaded for personal use. It's not for everyone, however, as it only works with the iPhone 5S onwards, or a 2013 iPad and onwards. Gizmodo notes that basically, all mobile iDevices that can run on iOS 11 can run iOS 12.

After downloading and updating to iOS 12, users should notice a marked improvement in performance. The Verge notes that iOS 12 feels faster and more stable than iOS 11, and it can help older devices that are capable of running it perform better as well.

That said, what are some of the most notable features that iOS 12 brings? Here are some of them:

Screen Time

A first for iOS, Screen Time helps users control the amount of time they spend with their iPhones and iPads. This extra option on the Settings menu allows users to keep track of time spent on certain apps, and act as a parental control app of sorts.


With iOS 12, users can now create more personalized avatars for use in Messages or FaceTime. It basically transforms a person's face into an emoji that can be customized, then used in the said communication apps. It doesn't replace Animoji, but it's more fun.

Grouped notifications

Now, notifications can be easily dismissed or silenced. iOS 12 groups notifications together by app, and allows users to edit notification settings for a certain app from the lock screen. For example, notifications for one app can be silenced, or blocked, without having to navigate through Settings.

Improved Do Not Disturb mode

Apple improved Do Not Disturb mode on iOS 12 to now allow users to set preferred times when the mode turns on and off. It also has a brand new "Bedtime" mode that enables Do Not Disturb mode at set sleep times.


iOS 12 features a brand new tool called "Measure." It's basically what the name implies: a measuring tool that uses augmented reality to calculate certain dimensions.

Users simply have to tap the Plus button to indicate the starting point, then move the phone while pointing the camera to the item or area being measured, then tap the Plus button again to tell the app to stop measuring. The results are displayed automatically.

These are but some of the many new features that Apple brings with iOS 12.

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