Google Maps Now Works with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay
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iOS 12 brings a lot of good things new to the iPhone and iPad, and probably one of the best things that it brings is support for a third-party mapping service for use on Apple CarPlay. That mapping service is, finally, Google Maps.

Apple's latest iOS version doesn't only improve performance and add some neat stuff like Memojis, it also allows drivers to switch from Apple Maps to Google Maps, 9to5Mac reported. Google Maps doesn't automatically come when users update to iOS 12, however -- it must be downloaded from the App Store.

Google Maps version 5.0, which is what's available for download for iOS users as of the moment, allows users to sync Google Maps navigation to Apple CarPlay. It doesn't work with Siri (yet?), but it does come with built-in voice control that can be activated through the tap of a button.

This new feature allows users another option for when driving on the road, especially when Apple Maps doesn't perform as much as needed.

Waze, another third-party mapping service still doesn't have support for iOS, despite having said earlier that it will be adding support for Apple's mobile OS, The Verge reported. Google, which owns Waze, is still working on updating the app to support iOS 12.

Best-ever iOS?

Apple designed iOS 12 to be the best iOS version yet, with features and enhancements benefitting every iPhone or iPad that can run it. Here's a quick rundown of what people can expect to see on iOS 12:

Faster performance

iOS 11 users should expect to see a marked increase in performance after updating to iOS 12. Older devices that can run iOS 12 (iPhone 5S onwards, or a 2013 iPad or newer) will perform better as well.


With iOS 12, users can now create a personalized avatar for use in Messages and FaceTime. Users can create a cartoonized version of their face, customize it, and use it like an Animoji.

Screen Time

Basically designed to help people manage and control their smartphone usage. Screen Time tells people how many times they've unlocked the screen, how much time they spent on a certain app, and more. This also serves as a parental control of sorts, allowing parents to monitor the kids' iPhone or iPad use.


iOS 12 features a new measuring tool that uses augmented reality to make calculations. Simply called "Measure," this app is used by pressing the Plus button to start and stop measuring. Calculations are displayed automatically.

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